My Social Growth Reviews 2023 & User Ratings – WARNING

As a consultant specialized in helping small businesses succeed on social media, I strive to provide fully transparent reviews on Instagram growth services. When it comes to buying followers and automation tools, credibility is essential – but with My Social Growth, some definite red flags appear.

After thorough analysis, I discovered shady practices that could seriously impact your account. In this post, I‘ll share my insights to help you make an informed decision.

Fishy Tactics That Compromise Your Account

While boasting about "real, organic" followers, My Social Growth actually functions as an auto bot that provides fake, inactive profiles. Not only can this get your account banned by Instagram, you also pay for meaningless numbers instead of real people.

Bots and inauthentic traffic violate Instagram‘s terms of service. According to Social Insider, over 60 million accounts get removed yearly due to policy breaches – often traced back to services similar to My Social Growth.

Beyond bans, critics point out My Social Growth‘s:

  • No verification of profiles or proof of "realness"
  • Flooding tactics that seem bot-driven
  • Overpriced for fake, ghost followers
  • Misleading claims around growth strategies

For businesses striving to build authentic communities, services like My Social Growth only jeopardize your progress through shady shortcuts.

Warning Signs To Watch Out For

As an entrepreneur and marketing consultant myself, I always vet social media companies thoroughly before recommending them. Here are the top red flags with My Social Growth:

  • No guarantees on profile quality or satisfying growth
  • No refund policy if desired results don‘t occur
  • No direct contact info like phone, email or live chat
  • No secure payment processing when entering billing details
  • No verified reviews from credible sources

Essentially, they provide limited accountability or recourse if their services don‘t live up to expectations. By not following industry best practices around transparency and integrity, huge risks exist when using My Social Growth.

Better Alternatives For Authentic Growth

Instead of questionable quick fixes, focus on organic tactics: creating value-added content, engaging communities, and leveraging influencers. But for those set on buying followers, use reputable providers like:

Service Price Verified Reviews Guarantee Rating
Nitreo $49+ Yes 30 Days 4.8/5
Kicksta $69+ Yes 14 Days 4.6/5
UseViral $49+ Yes 30 Days 4.5/5

I recommend Nitreo thanks to their real profiles guarantee, responsive support and budget options. Or for those short on time, Kicksta remains a solid performer too.

The Bottom Line

When reviewing Instagram follower services, scrutinize their credibility indicators closely before purchasing. Prioritize transparent companies with money-back guarantees, responsive support and verified reviews.

My Social Growth lacks accountability around their shady practices – putting accounts at risk for short term vanity metrics alone. For safe, steady growth leveraging proven tactics, plenty of top-rated alternatives exist without compromising your brand‘s integrity.

Let me know if you have any other questions!