Leveraging Community Support to Sustain Quality Care

The Challenge of Accessible Healthcare

As an entrepreneurship consultant focused on social impact, I appreciate the challenges facing Mount St. John‘s Medical Centre (MSJMC). As the leading public hospital in Antigua, MSJMC provides quality care regardless of patients‘ ability to pay. However, as a nonprofit, its limited financial resources make consistent state-of-the-art diagnostics difficult.

Philanthropic Partnerships

Organizations like Friends of MSJMC are bridging this gap by funding critical equipment. This longstanding fundraising body has contributed over $500,000 in its decade-long partnership, enhancing accessibility of care. Their recent $12,000 electrocardiogram (ECG) donation exemplifies their dedication.

Optimizing Investments in Diagnostic Technology

This new ECG technology promises 60% higher resolution than MSJMC‘s previous 10-year-old ECG. By investing in such advanced equipment via philanthropic funds, MSJMC makes healthcare dollars go further for those in need.

Recognizing All Contributions, Large and Small

While big-ticket donations allow organizations like MSJMC to access costly technology, consistent community backing drives lasting impact. I encourage all who value health as a human right to contribute to organizations expanding access.