A Small Business Owner‘s Guide to MetaHashtags

As a social media consultant dedicated to helping small businesses expand their reach, I often get asked about the best tools for optimizing Instagram hashtags. One platform I frequently recommend is MetaHashtags. In this in-depth guide, I‘ll share my perspective on how MetaHashtags can benefit your business‘s Instagram growth and engagement.

What Does MetaHashtags Do?

MetaHashtags is designed to help you find the most effective hashtags to use in your Instagram posts. It utilizes artificial intelligence to generate hashtag recommendations tailored to your brand, interests, and audience.

Here‘s an overview of MetaHashtags‘ key features:

  • Hashtag Generator: Enter a username, keywords, or existing hashtags to get recommendations of top-performing hashtags to use.
  • Performance Tracking: See data on engagement and usage for each hashtag you use to refine your selections.
  • Competitor Analysis: Discover which hashtags competitors and influencers in your niche use to succeed.
  • Saved Hashtags: Easily store generated hashtags for re-use in future posts.
  • Hashtag Rankings: Analyze the popularity ranking of any hashtag on Instagram over time.
  • Exportable Reports: Download your hashtag data, rankings, and suggestions for further analysis.

I‘ve personally tested out the platform by inputting some of my clients‘ usernames and common hashtags. The tool pulled hundreds of highly targeted, relevant hashtag ideas along with usage metrics – extremely helpful for optimizing their strategy.

Why MetaHashtags is Ideal for Small Businesses

As a small business owner trying to grow your Instagram, dedicated time for hashtag research can be limited. That‘s where MetaHashtags provides immense value.

Saves You Time

The AI-powered hashtag generator will save you hours of manual research. Just input some info, and MetaHashtags handles the rest.

As a consultant, I used to spend a great deal of time creating personalized hashtag lists for clients. With MetaHashtags I can get them highly relevant results in minutes.

Provides Data-Driven Suggestions

Rather than guessing which hashtags might work, MetaHashtags shows you data on real hashtag performance. This allows for a highly optimized, results-driven strategy.

Fits Your Budget

Pricing starts at just €9/month for MetaHashtags Pro. When you consider the hours it saves on DIY research, it‘s an incredible value for strapped small business budgets.

Easy to Use Interface

I find MetaHashtags‘ platform highly intuitive and easy to navigate. For those without much Instagram marketing experience, the tool doesn‘t require extensive know-how to see results.

MetaHashtags vs. Other Hashtag Tools

How does MetaHashtags compare against some alternative hashtag research tools on the market? Here‘s my take having used them:

vs RiteTag

RiteTag offers an extensive database of hashtag ideas. However, their suggestions aren‘t always clearly tied to your specific brand or interests. The performance tracking also isn‘t as robust as MetaHashtags.

vs Iconosquare

Iconosquare has awesome analytics, but hashtag research is not the tool‘s main focus. For dedicated hashtag optimization, MetaHashtags has more options.

vs Display Purposes

Display Purposes is superior for overall Instagram analytics. But their hashtag capabilities are not as strong as a dedicated platform like MetaHashtags.

For a simple, affordable tool focused solely on hashtag optimization, I believe MetaHashtags comes out on top for many small business owners.

Hashtag Statistics and Performance

Let‘s look at some revealing statistics that highlight why optimizing hashtags should be a priority:

  • Posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6% more engagement than non-hashtagged posts (ExpertVoice)
  • The ideal number of hashtags per post for maximum engagement is between 5 to 10 (Influencer MarketingHub)
  • Posts using a branded hashtag (e.g #JustDoIt) see engagement rates of 1.6% higher compared to non-branded hashtags (Influencer MarketingHub)
  • 72% of daily Instagram Stories contain hashtag stickers (Socialinsider)
  • The most popular branded hashtag on Instagram is #ShareACoke (174M+ posts) followed by #JustDoIt (43M+ posts) (Influencer MarketingHub)

Clearly followers respond well to targeted, branded hashtags mixed into Instagram content. MetaHashtags helps ensure you find the most optimal hashtags to integrate.

Tips for Small Businesses Using MetaHashtags

Based on my experience consulting small businesses on Instagram growth, here are my top tips for making the most of MetaHashtags:

  • Use a branded hashtag in every post to boost engagement.
  • Mix general and niche hashtags for a good balance of discovery.
  • Refresh your selections every 2-3 weeks as trends change.
  • Save your best-performing hashtags in MetaHashtags for re-use.
  • Use the performance data to double down on what resonates.
  • Don‘t just copy competitor‘s hashtags – make some unique.
  • Keep using 5-10 MetaHashtags suggestions per post.

With the right hashtag strategy powered by MetaHashtags, I‘ve seen small businesses expand their Instagram reach dramatically. Save time on research, leverage performance data, and watch your engagement and followers grow.