A Rapidly Growing Marketplace: An In-Depth Look at Mercari Users

As an ecommerce entrepreneur and consultant, I‘ve watched Mercari grow from a small startup to a marketplace powerhouse with over 20 million monthly active users. For context, that kind of hypergrowth is on par with Snapchat and Instagram.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll analyze Mercari‘s meteoric rise, crunch the numbers on its user base, showcase why it‘s a top choice for buyers and sellers, and equip you with insider tips to maximize your experience.

Mercari‘s User Base Growth: 2015 vs Today

To understand Mercari‘s expanding community, let‘s look at how much it‘s grown. In 2015, Mercari had 300,000 monthly active users. Flash forward to 2022, and it‘s now skyrocketed by over 6,667% to 20 million.

Driving this growth is Mercari‘s global expansion into new markets like the United States, where it now sees 50 million downloads. And that reach keeps extending—the app adds 350,000 new listings every single day.

Benchmarking Key Metrics Against Top Marketplaces

How does Mercari compare to marketplace giants like eBay and Etsy? Surprisingly well:

Metric Mercari eBay Etsy
Monthly Active Users 20 million 147 million 88 million
Annual Revenue $700 million $10.7 billion $2.3 billion
Monthly Transactions $100 million $20+ billion $4+ billion

While eBay and Etsy edge out Mercari in total size, Mercari holds its own given its much later start (it IPO‘ed in 2021 vs. 1998 and 2009 for eBay and Etsy). Impressively, it already drives 10% of the transactions that Etsy does.

And Mercari keeps accelerating: 2021 saw transactions jump 30%, from $700 million to $1 billion.

Who Are Mercari‘s 20 Million Users?

Granular data reveals precisely who‘s powering Mercari‘s rise:

  • 55% women / 45% men
  • Largest age group: Women aged 30-50
  • Top user locations: Japan (12 million), United States (3.4 million)
  • Most popular categories: Clothing, electronics, toys, accessories

I expected fashion and accessories to reign supreme. But a quarter of all listings fall under electronics, toys, games, and hobby items—a strong signal that collectors and deal-seekers love Mercari‘s selection.

Why Users Choose Mercari for Buying

For buyers, Mercari shines thanks to:

Unique and rare finds: With 20 million users selling 2 billion listings across endless niches, unusual and one-of-a-kind items abound. Far more diverse inventory than big-box ecommerce.

Bargains and discounts: Mercari autotunes suggested pricing based on similar listings. That keeps prices low, and you can often negotiate even better deals.

Simplicity: Mercari‘s mobile-first interface makes browsing, buying, messaging sellers and securing shipping seamless. Easier than eBay and more flexible than Amazon.

Safety: Robust protections safeguard payments via Mercari‘s processing system. Dedicated customer support also quickly resolves issues.

Speed: From listing to sale, velocity rules Mercari. Limited-time promotions boost urgency, so items sell rapidly.

Why Users Love Selling on Mercari

For sellers, top advantages include:

High visibility: 20 million monthly buyers provide instant exposure for your listings. Mercari also suggests promoted listings to boost visibility.

Convenience: Post listings and manage sales directly from your smartphone. Print shipping labels. Schedule free USPS pickups. The selling process is smooth.

Top returns: Mercari suggests optimal pricing based on current listings to maximize profits. They also incentivize you to keep listing with routine promotions.

Low fees: Mercari‘s established audience lets them charge just 10% transaction fees—far lower than eBay and Etsy. You keep more profits.

Rapid payments: Get paid as soon as buyers confirm delivery, with direct deposit transfers to your bank within a business day or two. Fast access to earnings.

Safety protections: Mercari offers record of delivery, purchase protection programs, secure payments via Mercari processing, and dedicated customer support teams to quickly address issues.

Tips to Master Mercari as a User

To maximize your success on Mercari:

For buyers: Toggle search filters, set Item Watch alerts for desired finds, and pounce on promotions and coupons

For sellers: Cross-list new inventory across other platforms, utilize promoted listings, and prompt shipping

For all: Review prohibited items list to avoid suspensions, build your profile/ratings, use Meetups for local exchanges, and leverage support resources as needed

As you can see, Mercari has carved out an impressively large and engaged user base rivaling top marketplaces, with no signs of slowing down. Driven by peer-to-peer exchange, vibrant communities have emerged around niche shopping categories that continue attracting millions each month. It‘s absolutely a top contender for buyers and sellers.