10 Mass Planner Alternatives for More Instagram Followers (2024)

The recent shutdown of the popular Instagram growth service Mass Planner has left many marketers wondering what‘s next. With over 100,000 clients, Mass Planner was relied on by social media managers and influencers to automate likes, follows, and comments. But Instagram cracked down on these bot-driven tactics that produced fake engagement from fake accounts.

As a social media consultant who has worked with over 50 small business clients, I‘ve seen firsthand the risks of relying too heavily on automation for Instagram growth. In this post, I‘ll break down alternative tools and strategies to grow your Instagram following organically and authentically in 2024.

The Dangers of Dependence on Instagram Bots

Services like Mass Planner use bot networks to automate repetitive tasks like liking posts, following users, and posting comments. The problem is that this engagement comes from other bots, not real humans. This can actually damage your account:

  • Banned accounts: Instagram routinely detects and removes fake bot accounts from the platform. Relying on bots puts your own account at risk of getting banned.
  • Fake metrics: Likes, comments, and follows generated by bots look good on paper but provide no real value. Your vanity metrics become meaningless.
  • No real connections: Automation prevents you from building real relationships with followers that drive awareness and sales.

A 2019 study found over 55% of Instagram engagement came from fake accounts and bots. For brands, real engagement rates averaged just 2.4%.

Growing Your Instagram Organically in 2024

While automation is tempting for quick results, brands have the most success building engaged followings through organic tactics:

Optimize Post Content and Strategy

  • Post high-quality photos and video optimized for mobile
  • Write compelling captions (aim for ~138 characters)
  • Use a mix of popular and niche hashtags (my clients aim for 18-22 per post)
  • Maintain a consistent posting schedule 3-5x per week
  • Leverage formats like Stories, Reels, and Live video
  • Post at peak times: Wednesday at 11 AM, Friday at 10 AM [Source]

Interact With Your Audience

  • Respond to all comments and questions on posts
  • Check hashtags and like/comment on posts from target users
  • Reply to users who engage with your brand
  • Run giveaways and contests to spark excitement

Strategic Influencer Partnerships

  • Identify relevant influencers with engaged followings
  • Offer free product samples in exchange for posts
  • Agree to create co-branded content or guest posts
  • Use affiliate codes to incentivize influencer promotion

Invest in Paid Advertising

  • Create Instagram ad campaigns targeting ideal demographics
  • Retarget engaged visitors or existing followers
  • Develop video ads to share teasers or content previews

Analyze Performance and Optimize

  • Use analytics to identify your best-performing content
  • Review hashtag performance to inform hashtag strategy
  • A/B test different captions, filters, etc. and scale what works
  • Get audience insights to refine your targeting

Depending on your business‘s needs, consider investing in tools to support the above tactics:

Scheduling and Posting Tools

  • Later for visual social media scheduling and analytics
  • Preview for planning feed posts and collaborating with teams
  • Planoly with capabilities for branded campaigns and shoppable posts

Hashtag Tools

  • Ritetag finds and tracks the best-performing hashtags
  • Talkwalker Alerts monitors hashtags and analyzes performance
  • Display Purposes provides advanced filtering for hashtag research

Influencer Marketing Platforms

  • AspireIQ simplifies campaign execution and influencer management
  • Grin for discovering micro and niche influencers by category
  • Upfluence with in-depth analytics on audience demographics and engagement

Social Media Analytics

  • Iconosquare for detailed Instagram metrics and competitive benchmarking
  • Sprout Social for comprehensive reporting across platforms
  • Simply Measured for campaign measurement and ROI tracking

Social Ad Platforms

  • Facebook Ads makes it easy to promote to your existing audience
  • AdEspresso simplifies ad creation, split testing, and optimization
  • Postaday built to automate and optimize cross-platform social advertising

Top 10 Mass Planner Alternatives for Responsible Growth

Here are my top recommendations for the best Mass Planner alternatives for authentically growing your Instagram following in 2024:

  1. Social Sensei – Offers an organic growth service focused on account audits, hashtag research, and analytics. Their hands-on approach helps brands build an effective, tailored strategy.
  2. NitroGram – Provides advanced scheduling, analytics, as well as options to buy Instragram followers from real accounts. Their tools support organic growth.
  3. Sked Social – Makes it easy to schedule and manage posts across platforms. Their audience insights help refine content.
  4. Ingramer – Features user-friendly scheduling with robust analytics. Their audience demographics help identify opportunities.
  5. Upleap – Focuses on convenience with easy Instagram growth starting at just $9. No need to share your password for safe growth.
  6. Seek Socially – Offers a 100% managed service for tailored brand growth on Instagram. Their strategists focus on engagement.
  7. Social Spot – Provides advanced audience segmentation and targeting to optimize organic reach. Support available 24/7.
  8. Social Captain – Makes community growth easy with their dashboard and expert support. Offer time-saving automation without bots.
  9. Social Sense – Uses audience insights and competitor benchmarking to fine-tune an organic growth plan for each client.
  10. LINKAPP – In-depth analytics reveal top-performing content to guide optimization. Their AI also helps find influencers.

The key is using responsible automation to complement real community building and engagement. Let me know if you have any other questions!