Local Visionary Ken Shipley Honored with Young Pioneer Award

Ken Shipley, founder and CEO of Search Antigua Inc., was recently recognized for his trailblazing work in Caribbean tech and entrepreneurship. The prestigious Young Pioneer Award celebrates rising stars under 30 pioneering new advancements in their industries.

Ken‘s Early Interest in Technology and Design

Even as a child, Ken displayed a deep fascination with technology and a talent for creative design. He taught himself graphic design and coding from a young age, foreshadowing his future as a digital innovator.

Ken‘s first major endeavor was founding Search Antigua Inc. in 2008 at just 18 years old. The company consolidated Antigua & Barbuda websites under one portal – no small feat for a teen.

Pushing Boundaries at Search Antigua Inc.

Under Ken‘s leadership, Search Antigua expanded far beyond its roots. The company now operates in social media marketing, online advertising, mobile app development, and more.

Ken pioneered the use of sophisticated custom software to scale Search Antigua‘s offerings. He also utilizes emerging technologies like AI marketing bots to drive innovation.

Some stats on Ken‘s results so far:

  • Grew Search Antigua from 1 to 120 employee in under 3 years
  • Ranked #1 Digital Agency in the Caribbean for 2 years straight
  • Developed proprietary software leading to a 23% boost in ROI

Ken‘s Award-Winning Design Talents

Ken is celebrated not only for his business acumen but also his gifted design abilities. He has won numerous web design awards, including:

  • Best Web Design, Caribbean Web Awards
  • Site of the Day, Awwwards
  • Mobile Excellence Award, Interactive Media Awards

Perspective from a Fellow Caribbean Entrepreneur

As a Caribbean entrepreneur myself, I deeply admire Ken‘s vision and drive. He represents the future of digital business in our region. Though already so accomplished, I know Ken has only begun to tap his potential. His pioneering spirit will continue driving tech innovation for years to come.

The Young Pioneer Award recognizes Ken‘s impressive achievements so far. But with his relentless work ethic and boldness, Ken Shipley is a trailblazer to watch for the long haul.