Likigram Review: A Consultant‘s In-Depth Analysis

As a consultant who assists small businesses with their social media marketing, I often get asked about sites like Likigram that promise quick Instagram growth. My clients, eager to expand their reach, are tempted by the prospect of getting thousands of new followers overnight. However, experience has taught me that these Instagram "growth services" frequently fail to deliver on their claims and may even harm brands in the long run.

In this detailed review, I‘ll analyze if Likigram is a safe and effective Instagram growth service for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Breaking Down Likigram‘s Offerings

Likigram markets itself as a service that can rapidly grow Instagram accounts by providing followers, likes and views. Their website states:

"Likigram helps you get real Instagram followers, views and likes. Grow your Instagram account fast with the best quality."

At first glance, this sounds like an easy shortcut for anyone looking to boost their Instagram success. However, we need to take a deeper look at what Likigram is actually offering.


Likigram claims to get users "real" Instagram followers. But what does "real" mean in this context? Based on my past experiences, these followers often end up being bots, inactive accounts or purchased followers. One industry report found that over 15% of Instagram followers are likely fake or inactive. These types of followers have zero value for growing a brand.


You can pay Likigram to send automatic likes to your posts from random accounts. However, likes from strangers who aren‘t even interested in your niche provide no meaningful engagement. For your content to perform well in the Instagram algorithm, you need likes from real human users who appreciate your brand.


Views of your Instagram Stories and videos can be easily inflated through bot networks. But fake views don‘t translate into increased visibility or sales. Even 1 million views are pointless if you have no qualified followers taking action.

So in summary, Likigram seems to promise vanity metrics like followers and views that hold little weight in terms of actual Instagram success. Let‘s analyze further whether their services can provide real value.

Evaluating Likigram‘s Credibility

Based on my evaluation criteria for social media growth services, I have several concerns regarding Likigram‘s legitimacy:

  • No Case Studies or Client Examples – Reputable services share case studies and client examples to showcase their success. Likigram provides no proof their services work.
  • No Instagram Marketing Experience Listed – Likigram‘s site contains no information on the team‘s Instagram marketing qualifications or expertise. This raises questions around their capabilities.
  • No Explanation of Growth Methods – The site does not explain how they deliver followers and engagement. Transparency is critical for evaluating a service‘s legitimacy.
  • Price Points Too Low for Quality Service – At just $1.90 per 100 followers, their pricing suggests bot-based or fake engagement. Quality growth requires more manual efforts.
  • Focus on Vanity Metrics Over Audience Quality – Follower and view counts matter far less than audience relevance. But Likigram fixates on inflating vanity metrics rather than building a quality audience.

Based on these warning signs, I have doubts about Likigram‘s ability to provide real value and help Instagram accounts in a sustainable, compliant way.

The Dangers of "Growth Hacking" Tactics

Services like Likigram rely on shady "growth hacking" tactics to inflate followers and engagement. These include:

  • Bot Networks – Bot accounts are programmed to follow/like content automatically. But they offer no monetary value and could get your account suspended.
  • Fake Accounts – Some services sell bulk fake accounts to inflate follower numbers. These accounts are often detected and deleted by Instagram.
  • Paying for Followers – Followers can be purchased cheaply, but have zero interest in your brand and will likely soon unfollow you.
  • Follow/Unfollow Method – Following random accounts, then unfollowing anyone who doesn‘t follow back. This angers real users and gets accounts flagged by Instagram.

These types of "growth hacks" may temporarily inflate vanity metrics. But as Instagram cracks down on artificial engagement, accounts using these tactics see drastically reduced reach, visibility and conversions. Prioritizing real, loyal followers is crucial for lasting Instagram success.

Safer Alternatives for Real Instagram Growth

While Likigram‘s offerings are risky at best, there are safer options for brands to grow their Instagram following and engagement:

  • Invest in High-Quality Content – Regularly post valuable content that resonates with your target audience. This attracts real engagement over time.
  • Utilize Proper Hashtags – Research and use relevant hashtags so your content is discoverable by those interested in your niche.
  • Engage Followers – Reply to comments, ask questions in captions, and interact with other accounts to build relationships with followers.
  • Run Follower Contests/Giveaways – Contests that incentivize users to follow your account and share posts can gain relevant followers.
  • Collaborate with Micro-Influencers – Partnering with relevant influencers in your niche exposes your brand to new, targeted audiences.
  • Leverage Instagram Ads Manager – Instagram ads allow you to find your ideal audience and drive them to follow your account.

While these organic methods require more work upfront, they deliver real, sustainable results in line with Instagram‘s terms of service. Prioritizing quality over quantity is the key to long-term Instagram success.

Final Verdict: Use Extreme Caution with Services Like Likigram

After my extensive analysis of Likigram‘s offerings and practices, I cannot recommend their services to small business owners or entrepreneurs, especially those concerned about compliance. While Likigram promises quick growth, their lack of transparency raises many questions. More importantly, their focus on inflating vanity metrics contrasts with Instagram‘s increased focus on authentic engagement.

For any brand‘s long-term success on Instagram, growing a loyal audience that genuinely cares about your content is far more valuable than a vanity metric like your follower count. Quality must be the top priority over quantity.

My professional advice is to avoid any service that relies on artificial engagement and bot networks. While organic growth takes more work, the followers and results it delivers are lasting. By implementing proven organic strategies, small businesses can build an audience on Instagram that actually fuels their success.