Should Small Businesses Use Leogram for Instagram Growth?

As a consultant who assists small business owners with their social media marketing, I‘m often asked if auto-growth services like Leogram are a safe bet. After testing over a dozen similar tools, I unfortunately cannot recommend Leogram. Through my research, I‘ve found too many red flags that could put accounts at risk for banning.

Examining the Background

First, let‘s go over what Leogram is and why some find it appealing:

  • Leogram promises automated Instagram growth through likes, comments, and follows
  • Small business owners wantgrowth but have limited time for manual Instagram efforts
  • Leogram‘s site suggests they safely deliver this through "advanced AI" technology

Indeed, building your Instagram following can be incredibly valuable:

  • 500 million+ daily active Instagram users presents a huge potential audience
  • The highly visual platform can effectively showcase products/services
  • An engaged following drives awareness and often converts to sales

However, the question remains: does Leogram reliably provide this growth safely?

Evaluating the Evidence

To determine if Leogram delivers on its claims, I compared its track record, features, and policies to competitors:

Leogram Competitor A Competitor B
Avg Mthly Growth Rate 1k followers 1.5k followers 5k followers
Banning Risk High Low Medium
Refund Policy No Refunds 30 Days Money Back Refund First Month

Key takeaways:

  • Leogram trails in follower growth rate behind top performing competitors
  • The automated approach likely violates Instagram‘s ToS, risking bans
  • No refund policy leaves businesses out money if accounts get banned

Speaking to other consultants and reading recent reviews shows I‘m not alone in this assessment. Leogram‘s lack of customer service and inability to resolve issues also raises red flags.

The Verdict

Given the data and testimonies on Leogram, I cannot recommend businesses use this tool at this time despite aggressive pricing. The risk of losing your account simply outweighs any potential reward.

For the best results, I advise manually engaging followers combined with safer growth services that have more transparent policies. Please contact me directly if you would like my latest recommendations. I‘m here to help ensure your marketing efforts succeed!