Kicksta Reviews 2023 & User Ratings ⚠️ READ FIRST! ⚠️

As a consultant who advises small businesses on social media strategies, I‘m often asked about growth services like Kicksta. Instagram remains one of the top platforms for reaching potential customers. But gaining followers and engagement organically requires significant time and effort.

This is what initially attracted me to Kicksta. Their service promises to grow your Instagram following through advanced targeting and analytics. But are the results truly effective? Does it align with Instagram‘s guidelines?

In this comprehensive review, I‘ll share my in-depth analysis of Kicksta from a social media advisor‘s perspective.

How Does Kicksta Work?

Kicksta utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to target ideal followers and engager with them. Once you connect your Instagram account, Kicksta analyzes your profile and generates an "audience map" to understand your brand and target demographics.

You can customize targeting based on:

  • Locations
  • Related hashtags/captions
  • Gender
  • Interests and hobbies

Kicksta‘s AI will then search Instagram for accounts that match your audience map. Their algorithms engage with these accounts by:

  • Liking and commenting on posts
  • Following and unfollowing accounts
  • Reposting relevant content

This level of automation allows Kicksta to engage with hundreds of accounts per day. The goal is for a percentage of users to find your profile and follow you back organically.

According to Kicksta, their algorithms can assess audience interest levels and determine who is most likely to engage. This avoids wasting actions on accounts unlikely to follow you.

Kicksta Packages

Kicksta offers two main packages:

Kicksta Standard

  • $49 per month
  • Targets 10 new followers per day
  • Moderate growth speed

Kicksta Premium

  • $149 per month
  • Targets 40 new followers per day
  • Maximum growth speed
  • Advanced targeting options
  • Chat support

Premium also includes an onboarding call to optimize your growth strategy. For larger accounts willing to invest more, Kicksta offers custom packages targeting 80-100+ followers per day.

At first glance, the pricing seems competitive compared to growth services I‘ve analyzed. That said, the monthly commitment does add up over time. I generally advise clients to test services using discounted trials before committing.

Kicksta Pros

As an advisor, I weigh the positives and negatives of services like Kicksta deeply before making recommendations. Here are the factors that stand out about Kicksta:

Targeting Capabilities

Kicksta‘s artificial intelligence is one of the more advanced technologies I’ve seen for targeting ideal Instagram followers within a niche. Their algorithms can hone in on audience interests quite effectively if set up properly.

Quality Followers

From testing Kicksta campaigns, the followers acquired do appear to be real, active users genuinely interested in my clients‘ content. Kicksta‘s engagement tactics attract real people, not bots.

Reliable Growth

Follower growth rates are predictable and consistent with Kicksta, after the initial ramp up period. For clients willing to commit long-term, growth is steady over time.


A top concern I have is Instagram account security. Kicksta markets itself as 100% safe and "ban-proof". While no third-party service can guarantee this, I have not seen issues trigger Instagram restrictions to date.

Kicksta Cons

However, there are a few aspects of Kicksta that give me pause when recommending it to small business clients:

Slow Growth

If not configured properly, follower growth can be quite slow initially. It often takes 1-2 months before results start accelerating. Patience is required.

Expensive Long-Term

While pricing is fair monthly, costs add up over 6-12 months. I prefer solutions with flexible pricing, though admittedly growth may be slower.

Limited Support

Kicksta does not offer phone support or one-on-one consulting. For businesses new to social media marketing, hand holding is often needed.

Follower Engagement

While Kicksta drives follower count up reliably, follower engagement is still dependent on your content quality. Simply attracting followers is half the battle.

Kicksta vs. Competition

Here is how Kicksta compares to some top competitors, from my perspective:


  • More affordable at $39/month
  • Slightly slower growth than Kicksta
  • Provides Instagram strategy guides


  • Managed service with dedicated account manager
  • Premium service great for larger brands
  • Very hands-on approach

Social Sensei

  • One of the most budget-friendly options at $15/month
  • Best for smaller accounts just starting out
  • Easy-to-use dashboard


  • Heavily focuses on account analytics
  • Helps optimize hashtag strategy
  • Pricier at $99/month

The Verdict?

For businesses willing to commit long-term, remain patient, and invest in the larger package, Kicksta can be an effective Instagram growth tool. However, more hands-on services may be better for those needing guidance optimizing their Instagram strategy.

My advice is to thoroughly research Kicksta‘s competitors before deciding. Look for free trials to test services out first. There are pros and cons to each platform.

I prefer flexible, month-to-month services that provide more account management guidance. But for established brands with a strong Instagram strategy already, Kicksta has proven reliable in my experience.

As Instagram‘s algorithm evolves, adaptability is key when using third-party growth tools. But used strategically, services like Kicksta can accelerate growth for small businesses short on time.