15 of the Most Lucrative Online Jobs That Pay via PayPal in 2023

PayPal has become a preferred online payment method for freelancers, remote workers, and side hustlers thanks to its convenience, security, and global reach. As more businesses adopt PayPal to transact with independent professionals around the world, many lucrative opportunities to earn income online via PayPal payments have emerged.

As a small business consultant who assists entrepreneurs in launching and optimizing remote work, I have explored a wide range of online jobs firsthand. Here are 15 of the most promising and profitable online jobs that pay through PayPal:

Online Surveys

Completing online surveys in your spare time can generate respectable PayPal earnings ranging from $100-$200 per month based on consistent participation:

  • SurveyJunkie tops the list with over 6.5 million members earning points redeemable for PayPal cash. Their short surveys pay out an average of $50-$100 per month.
  • Swagbucks offers $5-$15 PayPal payouts for targeted surveys taking 5-25 minutes. Participants can earn up to $200 per month.
  • Vindale Research pays $1-$5 per mini survey and up to $50 for longer questionnaires. Regular users earn around $50-75 per month via PayPal.
  • i-Say provides some of the highest paying surveys ranging from $0.50-$5 each. Expect around $100-150 monthly based on moderate activity.

Flexibility makes online surveys an easy way to pad your income each month. Just 30-60 minutes per day can generate substantial earnings over time.

Freelance Writing

In-demand freelance writers can earn lucrative full-time income through PayPal payments from leading online platforms:

  • Established writers at Contena can make $50,000+ annually writing posts on diverse topics. Their average pay rate exceeds $0.50 per word.
  • Constant Content enables writers to earn ongoing royalties up to 70% on resales of their articles, in addition to upfront payments. Top sellers make $1,000+ per month.
  • Scripted hires thousands of freelance writers at a minimum pay rate of $0.05 per word, with top writers averaging $0.10 per word and $60,000+ annually.

Building a portfolio of published articles on reputable sites can unlock higher paying writing projects in the range of $0.08-0.20 per word.


Audio transcription can be a full-time job earning $1,000-$3,000 per month, thanks to rising demand and PayPal payouts:

  • Rev offers payment between $0.30 to $1.10 per audio minute transcribed, enabling fast workers to earn $600-$900 weekly.
  • GoTranscript hires for $0.60 to $1.25 per audio minute with potential to earn $500-$1,500 monthly working part-time.
  • iScribed markets itself as one of the highest paying transcription companies with their top transcribers earning over $2,500 per month.

This home-based job has significant income potential for skilled typists able to accurately produce over 60 words per minute.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants provide administrative, creative, and technical services to clients online, commanding lucrative fees:

  • Full-time VAs at Zirtual and Belay can earn $3,000-$5,000 per month working with clients provided through the company.
  • Established freelancers on Upwork can earn over $10,000 per month, with top earners billing over $30/hour for their specialized skills.
  • Fancy Hands pays per task completed instead of hourly, with consistent participation resulting in $500-$2,500 in monthly income.

Success requires polished communication abilities, project management skills, and expertise in areas like social media, bookkeeping, graphic design, and more.


Leveraging expertise in academic or technical subjects to teach online has significant earning potential through platforms facilitating PayPal payments:

  • Wyzant tutors set their own hourly rates, and the top 10% of tutors earn over $10,000 per month through the site.
  • VIPKid enables tutors to teach English online to Chinese students and earn $18-$22 per hour. It‘s possible to make $2,000+ monthly.
  • Skooli connects tutors with students for virtual small group classes paying $20 per hour, with top tutors earning over $6,000 per month.

Former educators, PhD candidates, engineers, and other specialists can all take advantage of this flexible way to generate income by teaching online.

Selling Products Online

Creative entrepreneurs can leverage sites like Etsy, eBay, and Fiverr that integrate PayPal to sell products and services to buyers worldwide:

  • Top Etsy sellers can earn six figures annually selling homemade crafts, vintage goods, and other unique products through their online storefronts.
  • eBay enables individuals to auction off sought after collectibles, brand name items, and specialty offerings for bidding wars and high sale prices.
  • On Fiverr, freelancers can sell digital services for set prices starting at $5. The top sellers bring in over $100,000 per year.

With extensive buyer bases, these ecommerce platforms offer access to a lucrative market for PayPal income.

Affiliate Marketing

Building an affiliate website with PayPal integrated allows you to earn passive income through commissions promoting other companies‘ products:

  • The top 10% of Amazon Associates earn over $10,000 per month on commissions by driving traffic to Amazon through links.
  • Leading affiliate marketers through programs like ShareASale and Rakuten earn over $50,000 per month in PayPal deposits.
  • Niche sites built specifically around promoting affiliate products in markets like software, insurance, and travel can generate up to 6 figures in annual passive income.

Though it requires significant upfront effort, affiliate marketing can ultimately lead to fully hands-off income funded through PayPal once your site traffic and list of commission opportunities expand.

With so many digital platforms and services adopting PayPal as the preferred payment method, lucrative opportunities to earn income online via PayPal payments continue to grow each year. Whether as a side hustle or full-time home-based job, the convenience and reliability of getting paid through PayPal is highly appealing.