The Top 40 Best Jobs for 13 Year Olds to Make Money in 2023

Turning 13 is an exciting rite of passage. As a budding teenager, you‘ll want to start making your own money. But what are the best jobs, gigs, and ways to make money at 13?

As a small business consultant who has advised dozens of teen entrepreneurs, I‘ve researched the most profitable, developmentally appropriate jobs for 13 year olds.

In this detailed guide, I‘ll explore online and offline money-making ideas specifically suited for ambitious, enterprising 13 year olds. I‘ll also share insider tips to help you succeed, be professional, and stay safe in your first job.

Let‘s dive in!

Online Jobs Offer Flexibility and Income Potential

The internet has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for teens to earn money on their own terms.

According to a survey by the Pew Research Center, nearly one in ten teens ages 12-17 make money online. Whether it‘s freelancing, selling products, or monetizing a hobby, working online allows teens to gain valuable experience and skills.

Here are some of the top online jobs for 13 year olds:

1. Create a Profitable Blog

Blogging remains one of the most popular online money-makers for teens. If you have a hobby, passion, or area of expertise, create a blog to share your knowledge and experiences.

Once you build an audience, there are several ways to monetize your blog:

  • Sell ad space through networks like Google Adsense
  • Join affiliate marketing programs to earn commissions promoting relevant products
  • Offer consulting services or sell digital products like ebooks

According to Blogtyrant, hobby blogs can earn anywhere from $500 – $100,000+ per year. While it takes time to build traffic, blogging can become a significant income stream.

2. Get Paid for Your Opinions with Online Surveys

Online survey companies like Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, and Vindale Research pay teens to share their opinions on products, media, politics, and more.

Most surveys take 5-20 minutes and pay $0.50 – $5.00 each. By spending an hour a day taking surveys, you can easily earn up to $100/month.

3. Sell Crafts on Creative Marketplaces

If you have artistic talents or make handcrafted goods, set up shop on creative marketplaces like Etsy, CafePress, and Zazzle.

These sites allow you to upload designs for t-shirts, phone cases, jewelry, artwork, and more. When someone purchases one of your products, they handle manufacturing, shipping, and returns. You earn a commission on every sale.

4. Become an Influencer on Social Media

Companies are increasingly partnering with teen influencers on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Develop an account showcasing your talents, interests, or personality. Once you build a large, engaged following you can make money through:

  • Sponsored content partnerships
  • Affiliate marketing programs
  • Selling merchandise

Micro-influencers with followings under 100,000 can earn $100 – $500 per sponsored post, according to Mediakix.

5. Teach a Skill Online with Skillshare

Online learning platforms like Skillshare, Udemy, and Outschool let teens teach virtual classes in their area of expertise. As the instructor, you set your rates and earn a percentage of each student‘s tuition.

You can teach just about anything from coding and music to arts, gaming, academics, and more. By sharing your specialized knowledge, you can make up to $40/hour teaching online.

Offline Jobs Offer Valuable Experience

You don‘t need to be online to earn cash as a 13-year-old. Traditional offline jobs like babysitting, dog walking, and yard work are great ways to practice responsibility, gain work experience, and interact with others in your community.

Here are some of the most popular offline jobs for enterprising 13 year olds:

6. Become Your Neighborhood‘s Go-To Babysitter

Babysitting is often the first job many teens get. Post flyers in your neighborhood advertising your services, including your availability, experience, training credentials, and rates.

You can make $10 – $15 per hour babysitting, and even more for multiple children. Having CPR and first aid certification will make you more appealing to parents.

7. Walk Dogs in Your Community

Combining your love of pets with earning money? Offer dog walking services for neighbors who need someone to take their canine companions for exercise and relief breaks during the day.

Expect to earn around $15 for a 30-minute dog walk. You can get experience by volunteering at a local animal shelter first. Always follow tips to walk dogs safely.

8. Make Bank Tutoring Other Students

If you‘re a straight-A student, tutor kids in subjects you excel at. Start by helping siblings, cousins, or family friends‘ children for experience.

Then print flyers and hang them at local schools, libraries, community centres, and bulletin boards advertising tutoring services. You can easily charge $15 – $20 per hour as a teen tutor.

9. Mow Lawns and Shovel Snow

You‘ve likely had neighbors ask if you‘d be interested in mowing their lawn or shoveling their driveway. Take them up on the offer!

Let people in your area know you‘re available for lawn care and snow removal. Average rates range from $15 – $30 per lawn and $20 – $50 per driveway clearing.

10. Clean Homes and Run Errands

Many busy professionals lack time for household chores and errands. Offer your services tidying up homes, grocery shopping, picking up dry cleaning, and anything else needed.

For home cleaning, supply your own eco-friendly products and charge around $15/hour. Errand service rates vary by the job, but expect to earn at least $10 per trip.

11. Referee Youth Sports Games

Refereeing is the perfect gig for a sports fan who wants to earn cash while watching games. Experience playing sports helps, along with knowledge of the rules.

Reach out to local youth leagues, recreation centres, schools, and coaches to let them know you‘re available to officiate. Standard pay is $15 – $40 per game.

How to Land Your First Job at 13: Tips for Success

Following these expert tips will set you up for success in your first part-time job as a young teen:

  • Promote Your Personal Brand – Create business cards, flyers, and social media profiles highlighting your services, rates, qualifications, and personality. This markets you professionally.
  • Ask for References – Request reviews, testimonials, and referrals from initial customers. These social proof assets help convince new clients to hire you.
  • Set a Schedule – Block off times for your money-making activities in your calendar. Treat this job like a serious commitment.
  • Track Finances – Keep detailed records of your income and expenses. This helps when calculating taxes and expanding your business.
  • Provide Excellent Service – Focus on providing 5-star service by being thorough, timely, personable, and going the extra mile. Your reputation is crucial.
  • Stay Safe – Make sure parents or guardians know where you‘ll be and when. Decline jobs that seem suspicious. Work with clients in public places only.
  • Save a Portion – Don‘t spend it all! Save at least 25% of your earnings in a bank account to build your financial foundation.

Conclusion: Many Profitable Opportunities Exist for Enterprising 13 Year Olds

In today‘s gig economy, there are more ways than ever for motivated 13 year olds to earn money with drive and creativity.

As a small business consultant who advises teen entrepreneurs, I highly recommend starting with online jobs like blogging, taking surveys, or teaching virtual classes. These build digital skills and offer unlimited income potential.

Classic offline jobs like pet sitting, tutoring, and refereeing sports also provide great experience dealing with clients and taking on responsibility.

No matter which money-making route you choose, approach the opportunity professionally and prioritize safety. Before you know it, you‘ll have built an impressive resume and savings account!

With this comprehensive guide‘s insider tips, you‘re ready to start your exciting journey toward financial independence. The skills and knowledge you gain from your first job will pay dividends throughout your entire career.