28+ Best Jobs for 11 Year Olds to Make Money in 2023

As a consultant who assists entrepreneurs in starting and growing their businesses, I‘m often asked what the best jobs are for 11 year olds who want to make their own money.

There‘s no one-size-fits-all answer, as the jobs that will work depend heavily on the child‘s interests, skills, and location. However, in this comprehensive guide, I‘ll share over 25+ great options for industrious 11-year-olds to earn money, either as side gigs or small businesses.

Follow All Local Labor Laws

Before considering any job, it‘s crucial to check your state and local labor laws regarding the minimum legal age to work.

  • In most states, 14 is the youngest age a child can be employed, except for select jobs like babysitting, lawn work, and work for family businesses.
  • Work permits are usually required for official jobs under the age of 16.

For those under 14 or without work permits, stick to more casual, under-the-table jobs for neighbors and family friends. Payment can be cash or barter (trading services or goods). Make sure parents approve any jobs and are there to supervise.

Seasonal Opportunities

Some of the best jobs for 11-year-olds align with seasons, holidays or school breaks. These give you a chance to earn extra cash during your time off.

Shovel Snow

  • Avg cost for snow removal: $20-30 per hour (Source)
  • Avg driveway size: 1,200 sq ft (Source)
  • Earning potential: Charge $20-40 per driveway depending on size

In winter, offer snow shoveling services around the neighborhood after big storms. Make sure to bundle up and take breaks to avoid getting too cold.

Rake Leaves

  • Avg cost for leaf removal: $30-50 per hour (Source)
  • Avg yard size: 0.2 acres (8,700 sq ft) (Source)
  • Earning potential: Charge $30-60 per yard depending on size

Fall brings plenty of leaf raking opportunities. Knock on doors and ask if neighbors need help getting their yards cleaned up.


  • Avg babysitting rate: $16.50 per hour (Source)
  • Avg Sitters earn: $380/month (Source)
  • Earning potential: Charge $15-20/hour depending on number of kids

If you‘re responsible and good with kids, babysitting is a classic pre-teen job. Put up flyers around the neighborhood advertising your services.

House or Pet Sit

  • Avg house sitting rate: $25-35 per night (Source)
  • Avg pet sitting rate: $15-25 per 30 min visit (Source)
  • Earning potential: Charge $20-40 per day depending on responsibilities

When neighbors go out of town, volunteer to check in on their home or pets. Water plants, feed pets, get mail and take out trash.

Wrap Gifts

  • Avg gift wrapping rate: $2-5 per gift (Source)
  • Busy holiday season – high demand
  • Earning potential: Charge $2-5 per gift depending on size

Around the holidays, offer to wrap gifts for busy shoppers or relatives. Set up a gift wrapping station at home.

Creative Endeavors

Use your hobbies, talents and skills to make extra money with these ideas:

Sell Crafts

  • Etsy avg seller revenue: $7,000 per year (Source)
  • Top selling crafts: jewelry, candles, artwork, apparel (Source)
  • Earning potential: Varies based on type of craft – price based on materials + time

Get crafty and sell your creations online or at craft fairs. Make jewelry, candles, soaps, artwork, knitted scarves – anything you can dream up.

Design Business Cards, Logos or Websites

  • Avg price for logo design: $200-500 (Source)
  • Avg price for business card design: $50-150 (Source)
  • Earning potential: Charge based on project – $10 for business cards, $50+ for logos, $250+ for website design

If you‘re adept with design programs or website builders, offer your services to local businesses or relatives.

Create YouTube Videos

  • Minimum payout from YouTube is $100 (Source)
  • Avg CPM (cost per 1,000 views) is $7-10 (Source)
  • Earning potential: Varies based on viewership – need ~10K views to start earning

Come up with an idea for a YouTube channel, film videos with a phone or camera, and upload them regularly. Add Google AdSense to start making money from ads once you hit the minimum view thresholds.

Sell Photos

  • Example sites to sell photos: SmugMug, Fine Art America, Redbubble
  • Avg commission on print sales: 20-40% (Source)
  • Earning potential: Earn commission on any print or merchandise sales

Sell your best photos as prints or merchandise on print-on-demand sites. Or offer photography services to neighbors – portraits, family photos, pet photos, etc. Charge $5-20 per session.

Teach a Skill

  • Avg private lesson rate: $20-60 per hour (Source)
  • Skills like music, language, arts, coding are in demand
  • Earning potential: Charge hourly rates based on complexity – tutor easier skills for $20-30/hour

Share your expertise with others online or in-person. Teach a musical instrument, foreign language, art lessons or other skills. Set up a schedule for weekly lessons.

Odd Jobs

One-off jobs are a great way for 11-year-olds to earn quick cash. Here are some ideas to pursue around your neighborhood:

  • Wash cars – Charge $10-20 per car
  • Pull weeds or mow lawns – Charge $20-40 per yard
  • Clean garages or basements – Charge $15-30 per hour
  • Walk dogs – Charge $15-20 per 30 minutes
  • Run errands – Charge $5-10 per errand
  • Help with household chores – Charge $10-15 per hour
  • Hold a yard sale – Earn 100% profit on items sold
  • Make and sell baked goods – Cookies $1-2 each, Cupcakes $2-3 each
  • Set up a lemonade stand – Charge $1-2 per cup
  • Plant or pet sit – Charge $10-15 per day

Price these jobs hourly or by project. Make flyers and tell friends, family and neighbors you‘re open for business.

Key Tips for Success

As an entrepreneurship consultant, I have the following recommendations for 11-year-olds looking to earn money:

  • Be proactive in self-promotion – don‘t get discouraged if one idea doesn‘t pan out
  • Balance jobs with schoolwork, activities and free time
  • Check with parents before taking on any new ventures
  • Stay safe and follow all laws
  • Pay any required taxes on income
  • Provide excellent customer service – this will help build your reputation
  • Have fun exploring your first forays into entrepreneurship!

The opportunities are endless for industrious, motivated 11-year-olds. With creativity and persistence, you can definitely find income streams that match your skills and interests. Just take it one step at a time, and you‘ll be on your way to earning your first profits.