25+ Best Jobs for 10 Year Olds to Make Money in 2023

As a small business consultant, I‘ve helped countless entrepreneurs turn their passions into profitable ventures. One piece of advice I give all clients: start instilling strong work ethics in children early.

There‘s no better time than 10 years old for kids to begin learning responsibility, money management, and business skills that will pay dividends down the road.

While labor laws prohibit 10-year-olds from getting traditional jobs, they can still start earning with age-appropriate work. In this article, we‘ll explore over 25 jobs that allow kids to make money while gaining valuable life lessons.

Why 10-Year-Olds Should Work

Child development experts agree: Having a job as a preteen provides benefits that ease the transition to adulthood.

Teaches Commitment – With a job, 10-year-olds learn to consistently show up and complete their duties, even when they don‘t feel like it. This commitment ability serves them well later in careers.

Money Management Skills – Earning and managing their own money teaches kids financial literacy. In my small business classes, I see firsthand how poor money management hinders entrepreneurs.

New Abilities – From customer service to time management, preteen jobs allow kids to develop talents that apply to future work.

Boosts Confidence – Making money independently gives kids pride and self-assurance. In a survey by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 92% of executives said confidence was key for career success.

Interpersonal Skills – Dealing with clients, employers, coworkers requires strong communication and cooperation skills. In the workplace, employers value teamwork abilities.

Time Management – Juggling a job‘s duties teaches kids how to prioritize tasks and manage multiple responsibilities efficiently.

By starting jobs early, 10-year-olds gain maturity, wisdom, and capabilities that put them on the path for future success in business and life.

Jobs Perfectly Suited for 10-Year-Olds

The key is finding jobs tailored to a 10-year-old‘s abilities. Here are over 25 great options:

1. Pet Sitter

Best for – Animal lovers

Learning – Responsibility in caring for pets, customer service

Pay – $10-$15 per 30-minute visit [$20-$30 per hour]

Tips – Start with pets you know; offer regular visits when owners travel

As a pet owner myself, I always need reliable sitters when I take business trips. There‘s big demand for pet sitting, especially for established clients. Kids who do an excellent job build steady income over time.

2. Lawn Mowing Service

Best for – Outdoorsy, active kids

Learning – Landscaping skills, self-discipline to finish jobs

Pay – $20-$35 per average lawn, [$40-$70 hrs]

Tips – Safety first! No power tools. Focus on raking, weeding, basic mowing.

Pro tip: Offer package deals like raking leaves and mowing together for a discount. I‘ve seen young landscapers earn over $100/weekend with smart pricing deals.

3. Car Washer

Best for – Meticulous, careful kids

Learning – Strong work ethic, customer satisfaction skills

Pay – $10-$20 per wash [$20-$40 hrs]

Tips – Schedule appointments ahead; wash interior and exterior for more profits.

Washing cars by hand is old-school, but clients still pay big for that shiny, hand-buffed look. Make own soap solution for higher profits.

4. Mother‘s Helper

Best for – Responsible, caring kids

Learning – Household skills, working with adults

Pay – $7-$15 per hour

Tips – Offer specialized skills like cooking, lawn care, cleaning.

Many moms need an extra hand but can‘t afford full-time help. By assisting with chores or childcare, kids gain great experience.

5. Lawn Care Assistant

Best for – Outdoorsy kids

Learning – Landscaping skills, teamwork

Pay – $10-$15 per hour

Tips – Learn safety rules; prepare to work hard.

I‘ve hired responsible preteens to haul tools, water plants, and do grunt work for my landscaping clients. It frees up my crew for more skilled work.

6. Virtual Assistant

Best for – Tech-savvy kids

Learning – Valuable computer skills, communicating online

Pay – $5-$15 per hour

Tips – Start with skills like data entry, social media. Expand services over time.

Many virtual assistants start by helping with administrative tasks before building their own client base. I see big potential for motivated preteens.

7. Errand Runner

Best for – Responsible, energetic kids

Learning – Managing time, multi-tasking with different clients

Pay – $5-$15 per hour

Tips – Offer specialized pick-ups like pharmacy or dry cleaning.

With today‘s hectic pace, parents and professionals will pay for delivery help. Perfect first job to learn client services.

8. Survey Taker

Best for – Kids who can follow instructions

Learning – Data analysis skills, product testing

Pay – $1-$5 per 20-minute survey

Tips – Take surveys at a set time to prevent overuse.

While apps should be supervised closely for safety, survey taking is a simple way to earn extra cash from home.

9. Dog Walker

Best for – Active, responsible kids

Learning – Animal care, scheduling skills

Pay – $10-$15 per 30-minute walk

Tips – Start with dogs you know; get walking experience first.

Dog walking apps like Wag and Rover connect local walkers with pet owners. With parental oversight, it’s a great gig for animal lovers.

10. Party Helper

Best for – Outgoing, polite kids

Learning – Customer service skills, event planning

Pay – $10-$15 per hour

Tips – Offer specific help like greeting guests, serving food, or cleanup.

From birthdays to graduations, party hosts need extra hands. It’s a fun way to earn money on weekends.

11. Bake Sale Entrepreneur

Best for – Kids who love baking

Learning – Kitchen skills, pricing goods

Pay – $5+ per dozen goods

Tips – Cookies, cupcakes, muffins sell easily. Take custom orders.

A classic kid business! Use pre-sold orders to fund ingredients and maximize profits.

12. Jewelry Maker

Best for – Crafty, creative kids

Learning – Artistic skills, selling handmade goods

Pay – $5-$15+ per item

Tips – Start with simple designs. Sell online or at craft fairs.

Handmade jewelry is hot! Help kids set up an Etsy shop or offer special gifts like personalized necklaces.

13. Plant Sitter

Best for – Nature lovers

Learning – Gardening skills, scheduling

Pay – $10-$20 per week

Tips – Water plants daily; trim bushes, pull weeds too.

A perfect "green job" for kids who like the outdoors. Great for neighborhoods with lots of gardens.

14. House Cleaner

Best for – Meticulous, detail-oriented kids

Learning – Cleaning skills, scheduling appointments

Pay – $10-$20 per hour

Tips – Start by helping parents; offer specialized cleaning like windows.

Cleaning is a recession-proof skill. Preteens can start by assisting adults to gain experience needed to clean solo later.

15. Babysitter Helper

Best for – Nurturing, patient kids

Learning – Childcare skills, creativity

Pay – $5-$10 per hour

Tips – Lead kids in activities; prepare snacks. Always have an adult present.

With parental supervision, kids can gain childcare experience by entertaining tots while parents cook dinner nearby.

16. Laundry Assistant

Best for – Careful, detail-oriented kids

Learning – Sorting skills, handling delicates

Pay – $5-$10 per load

Tips – Follow all directions carefully. Check pockets thoroughly.

Kids who know how to properly fold clothes are a huge help for busy parents.

17. Grocery Shopper

Best for – Reliable, organized kids

Learning – Selecting quality produce, comparing prices

Pay – $10-$15 per shop

Tips – Save receipts for reimbursement. only handle payment with close adult supervision.

Grocery shopping is a chore many dread. Responsible kids can help select items and learn comparison shopping.

18. Reader

Best for – Articulate, patient kids

Learning – Enunciation skills, recording audiobooks

Pay – $10-$15 per hour

Tips – Libraries and online platforms connect readers with listeners.

Does your child read aloud well? Record them reading books to sell online or for grandparents who have poor vision.

19. Tech Assistant

Best for – Tech-savvy kids

Learning – Explaining technology clearly to others

Pay – $10-$20 per hour

Tips – Help adults set up new devices, learn software programs, fix glitches.

Parents and grandparents often need personalized tech help that preteens can provide.

20. Yard Sale Assistant

Best for – Organized, friendly kids

Learning – Sorting, pricing, displaying items

Pay – $10-$20 per sale

Tips – Help advertise and set up bright, eye-catching displays.

Earning cash cleaning out the clutter is a win-win! Kids learn negotiating skills too.

21. Event Assistant

Best for – Outgoing, energetic kids

Learning – Working well under pressure, serving others

Pay – $7-$15 per hour

Tips – Look for roles like ushering, ticket-taking, concession sales.

Whether it’s a local festival, theater production, or sporting event, extra help is needed behind the scenes!

22. Moving Helper

Best for – Active, careful kids

Learning – Lifting techniques, packing skills

Pay – $10-$15 per hour

Tips – Start by helping family; provide extra hands, not heavy lifting.

When I help clients move for their small businesses, I need all the reliable helpers I can get! Teach safe lifting.

23. Fundraiser

Best for – Passionate, persuasive kids

Learning – Supporting causes, public speaking

Pay – Varies based on effort

Tips – Raise money for schools, charities. Make bake sales, awareness campaigns.

Help kids support causes important to them, whether it’s their school or an environmental nonprofit. Great lessons in activism and leadership.

24. Envelope Stuffer

Best for – Meticulous kids

Learning – Attention to detail, basic admin work

Pay – $5-$10 per 100 envelopes

Tips – Double-check addresses. Let kids watch TV or listening to music while working.

Business owners need help sending newsletters, promos, and invitations to clients. Envelope stuffing is a classic first job for preteens.

25. Website Builder

Best for – Tech-savvy kids

Learning – Digital design skills, communicating visions

Pay – $250+ per site

Tips – Use templates on Squarespace. Start with small sites for friends.

In my small business consulting, I meet folks who just need a simple site. With parental guidance, talented preteens can gain great web design experience!

26. Photography Assistant

Best for – Creative, careful kids

Learning – Arranging items, supporting pros

Pay – $10-$20 per hour

Tips – Start by helping school photographers or smart phone-wielding parents.

Photographers hire assistants to keep lights and equipment in order during shoots. Budding young creatives can learn proper positioning.

Tips for Parents

As a parent, you play a key role in setting your 10-year-old up for job success:

  • Help them brainstorm jobs based on their interests and abilities. Encourage them!
  • Assist with advertising services like designing flyers.
  • Provide any needed supplies or transport to job sites.
  • Set rules for working hours to prevent over-scheduling kids.
  • Discuss payment rates and tips for providing good customer service.
  • Help them manage income and save at least 10% of earnings.
  • Recognize their hard work! Praise them for their industriousness.

Starting jobs this young allows kids to gain maturity, wisdom, and capabilities that ease the transition to adulthood. With some guidance, 10-year-olds can get an excellent head start through working.

Next Steps for Helping Your Kid Succeed

As a small business consultant who assists budding entrepreneurs, I‘m excited to see more parents encourage their 10-year-olds to begin earning money. Early work experience pays dividends for decades to come.

If your child seems interested in working, help them assess their skills and interests. Then review this list together to find one or two jobs that align. Set them up for success by providing support like materials and transportation at first.

Most importantly, talk to them about money management. Have them save at least 10% of earnings in a protected account. Make budgeting and smart spending a priority from the start.

Equipped with the right guidance, motivation, and opportunity, your 10-year-old can gain valuable skills, confidence, and knowledge through age-appropriate jobs. This will empower them on their path to future success in business, work and life.