Jarvee Review & User Ratings – Do NOT Use

As a consultant dedicated to helping small businesses succeed online, I frequently get asked about social media automation tools like Jarvee.

Jarvee claims to grow your Instagram and Twitter followers through automated liking, commenting and following. But based on my in-depth analysis, Jarvee does more harm than good for your brand.

How Jarvee Works

Jarvee is software you download on your Windows PC. You log into your social media accounts through Jarvee, which then automates various actions:

  • Auto-liking posts based on hashtags
  • Commenting on posts via a database of comments
  • Following and unfollowing accounts
  • Scheduling content to post automatically

The aim is to boost followers and engagement on accounts like Instagram and Twitter by auto-engaging with similar accounts.

The Problem with Automation

Social platforms actively discourage automation and consider it against their terms of service. Using bots risks getting your accounts deleted or banned.

For example, an estimated 25-40% of accounts get banned from Instagram due to automation and fake engagement tactics. The damage done to your brand‘s reputation and audience can be enormous.

I‘ve seen brands go from 10,000+ Instagram followers down to zero because they used cheap automation software and got caught. Rebuilding that audience takes significant time and money.

Plus, automation provides empty engagement – not real community-building. As my fellow entrepreneur Mark Cuban says:

"Empty followers are useless. Fake traffic is useless. You want real customers, real engagement."

Jarvee‘s outdated automation is risky and detrimental to genuine audience growth.

Jarvee‘s Interface and Features Are Extremely Limited

Modern social media management platforms like Hootsuite and Sprout Social make it easy to collaborate on and schedule content across multiple networks. They provide detailed analytics on your performance.

Jarvee lacks most of these features that businesses rely on today:

Feature Jarvee Hootsuite Sprout Social
Mobile app
Team collaboration
Post scheduling
Content automation

Jarvee‘s interface looks straight out of the 2000s – it‘s clunky and unintuitive. The lack of analytics and team features make it very limited compared to competitors.

Recent user reviews also complain the software is buggy and crashes frequently. Jarvee‘s customer support is extremely slow and unhelpful according to users on Trustpilot.

The True Cost of Using Jarvee

At first glance, Jarvee seems affordable at $29/month. But the hidden costs add up:

  • You need to keep your computer on 24/7 for Jarvee to function, which increases electricity costs.
  • Jarvee suggests using residential proxies to hide your automation activities. Proxies cost extra per month.
  • If accounts get banned, you lose that audience you paid Jarvee to build. Rebuilding that following costs a lot more.
  • You still need to create quality, consistent content for Jarvee to share, which takes substantial time.

Add in the risk of destroying your brand‘s reputation if banned, and Jarvee‘s cost is too high for most small businesses.

Safer Alternatives to Grow Your Brand

As a fellow small business owner, I never risked cheap automation bots. Authentic engagement takes more work but pays off long-term.

Here are some safer alternatives I recommend:

  • Influencer marketing partnerships connect you with genuine influencers to promote your brand to real, targeted audiences.
  • Community engagement pods let you organically cross-promote content with similar accounts in your niche.
  • Account auditing gives tailored insights on improving your content and growth strategy based on in-depth analytics.
  • Social media management platforms like Sprout Social and Hootsuite help schedule and manage content efficiently.

Focus on creating content that resonates with your ideal audience. Interact genuinely with users and collaborators. This organic community-building drives real business results.

The Bottom Line

Based on my thorough analysis, I strongly advise avoiding Jarvee for social media automation. The risks, costs and limitations far outweigh any potential benefit.

Invest time in organic growth and high-quality content instead. This will build an audience that truly engages with and supports your brand long-term.