The 3 Best Iowa VPNs for Small Businesses in 2023

As an entrepreneurship advisor with over a decade of assisting small business owners, I often get asked about the best virtual private networks (VPNs) for obtaining an Iowa IP address. Geo-restrictions, internet censorship, and cyber threats can hamper companies – that‘s where using a trustworthy Iowa-based VPN comes in handy!

In this guide, I‘ll compare the top 3 VPNs for getting an Iowa IP based on extensive research and real-world usage – outlining the pros, cons, pricing, and ideal business use cases for each:

Why Should Your Company Use an Iowa VPN?

Let‘s first understand why a small or medium-sized business would want a VPN with an Iowa server location:

  • Access Tools & Content – An Iowa VPN lets you bypass geographic blocks and use sites/apps limited to Midwest users. Crucial for sales, marketing, collaboration tools.
  • Enhanced Security – Encrypts data so public Wi-Fi snooping doesn‘t expose company info. 59% of SMBs reported cyber attacks last year.
  • Privacy Protection – Prevent ISPs from tracking/selling data on how your business uses internet. Some regions monitoring has raised ethics concerns.
  • Remote Work Enablement – Allows employees to keep Iowa IP address when working remotely from other states or countries.

Based on my experience, those are the core reasons most small companies can benefit from getting an Iowa egress point through a VPN service.

The Best Iowa VPNs for Business Use

1. NordVPN – Best Overall

I recommend NordVPN as the leading option for entrepreneurs seeking an Iowa VPN.

It checks all the boxes: 5400+ servers worldwide including multiple Iowa locations, watertight data encryption, easy setup guides, fast connection speeds, and much more:

Locations 64 Countries
Iowa Servers Yes (multiple)
Speed (Mbps) 100-200+
Pricing $3.29/month (2-year plan)

Nord is used by many Fortune 500 companies for its balance of high security, reliable performance, and server diversity. I suggest it for any Iowa business that transfers customer data or intellectual property online.

The only limitation is the higher price tag compared to other providers. But you certainly get what you pay for!

2. Surfshark – Most Affordable

If budget is a key factor for your startup or SMB, Surfshark comes out as the most affordable Iowa VPN option:

Locations 100+ Countries
Iowa Servers Yes
Speed (Mbps) 100-300+
Pricing $2.49/month (2-year plan)

The pricing is hugely competitive and you can use Surfshark on every device your business owns with no limit. It meets essential privacy and encryption standards as well.

Just be aware that advanced power users may notice slightly slower speeds vs top rivals during peak usage times. But for the money, Surfshark works superbly well for securing your Iowa-based employees‘ web traffic!

3. AtlasVPN – Most User-Friendly

If you don‘t have an IT pro on staff and want a VPN that‘s breeze to set up without technical expertise, I recommend AtlasVPN:

Locations 25+ Countries
Iowa Servers Yes
Speed (Mbps) 50-100+
Pricing $1.99/month (3-year plan)

It‘s not as fully-featured as NordVPN but delivers satisfactory encryption, decent speeds, unlimited bandwidth, and most importantly an extremely simple user interface. Even the least tech-savvy employees will have no issue getting connected.

There‘s also a free version but upgrade to take full advantage of Atlas‘s growing server network and support.

So that wraps up my recommendations on the top virtual private networks for obtaining an Iowa IP address this year! Let me know if you have any other questions in using a VPN service for safeguarding and growing your small business. I‘m always happy to help fellow entrepreneurs.