Top 5 Best Investing Podcasts to Grow Your Wealth in 2024

As a consultant helping fellow entrepreneurs plan for financial success, I‘m constantly researching the best resources on money management, investing, and building wealth. One invaluable yet under-utilized tool that all entrepreneurs should be leveraging is investing podcasts.

In this article, we will learn the best ways to improve your investment knowledge and skills by listening to investing podcasts. Let us take a look.

Why Investing Podcasts Should Be Part of Your Learning Regimen

Before jumping into my top podcast recommendations, let‘s look at some key reasons why investing podcasts should be part of your regular learning routine as an entrepreneur:

1. Learn from Seasoned Investors and Asset Managers

The best investing podcasts provide access to conversations with professional money managers, investors, analysts and other experts. Getting insights directly from these pros is an invaluable way to improve your own investing approach without the consulting fees!

For example, the Invest Like the Best podcast has hosted famous investors including Howard Marks, Liz Ann Sonders and Josh Brown who share their framework for evaluating markets and assets as well as actionable ideas.

2. Get Timely Macro Analysis and Asset Allocation Guidance

Understanding the macro environment is critical for making informed investment decisions. Top investing podcasts regularly analyze economic indicators, policy shifts, geopolitical changes and other market forces, then provide guidance on how to position your portfolio accordingly.

As an example, the Stansberry Investor Hour podcast combines data-rich market updates with model portfolios across stocks, bonds, commodities and alternatives. Their macro guidance allows entrepreneurs to invest with the wind at their backs.

3. Discover New Investing Opportunities and Strategies

While foundational investing principles stand the test of time, new assets, technologies and paradigms are constantly emerging. Investing podcasts deliver exposure to these opportunities and the strategies to capitalize on them early.

Podcasts like Capital Allocators have covered the rise of crypto as an asset class, explained early-stage private tech investing, and profiled unconventional assets well before mainstream coverage. This early insight allows entrepreneurs to stay ahead of trends.

The Top 5 Investing Podcasts for Ambitious Entrepreneurs

Now that we‘ve covered why podcasts should be part of your investing education, here are my selections for the 5 best investing podcasts to help grow your wealth:

1. Invest Like the Best

With over 200 episodes featuring famous investors, Invest Like the Best with Patrick O‘Shaughnessy is an incredible learning goldmine for entrepreneurs looking to elevate their investing acumen. Patrick‘s thoughtful interview style extracts the key frameworks, principles and mental models from legendary investors managing billions.

2. The Meb Faber Show

Hosted by bestselling author and renowned quantitative investor Meb Faber, this fan-favorite podcast combines data-driven analysis with colorful guest interviews. With over 350 episodes covering everything from portfolio management to private equitydeep value investing, there‘s extensive investing wisdom here for entrepreneurs.

3. Masters in Business

Hosted by acclaimed finance journalist Barry Ritholtz, Masters in Business features enlightening long-form interviews with legendary investors, economists, and financial thinkers like Howard Marks and Jim Chanos. Entrepreneurs can soak up a lifetime‘s worth of investing experience and wisdom in each episode.

4. The Investor‘s Podcast

Co-hosts Preston Pysh and Stig Broderson provide an engaging mix of macroeconomic analysis, actionable stock ideas, derivatives trading tactics, and interviews with renowned investors. As entrepreneurs, we benefit greatly from their balanced perspectives on both growth investing and wealth preservation.

5. Animal Spirits

The Animal Spirits podcast combines humor with data-driven market insights. Hosts Michael Batnick and Ben Carlson offer unscripted, commonsense takes on financial news that make even complex concepts easy to understand. Their lively banter sheds light on the psychological aspects of investing too.

While these are clearly my personal top 5 recommendations, I suggest entrepreneurs test out a few investing podcasts to find the styles and hosts that best resonate with your interests and approach to money and markets.

The key is to keep expanding your knowledge. Consistently listening to great investing podcasts is still one of the most convenient and effective ways for ambitious entrepreneurs like us to accelerate our financial education and investing skill development on the journey to wealth creation.