Is Instagram Up Worth It? An In-Depth Look in 2023

As an entrepreneurship consultant dedicated to helping small businesses thrive online, I often get asked about the best ways to grow an Instagram account. Influencers and brands alike want to organically expand their reach and engagement on this highly visual platform.

One service I sometimes come across is Instagram Up, which sells Instagram followers and likes. But are such services worth the money and risk?

In this comprehensive review of Instagram Up, I‘ll analyze whether it‘s a safe and effective Instagram growth tool for 2023 and beyond.

An Overview of Instagram Up

Instagram Up markets itself as a cheap, quick way to get more Instagram followers and likes. The service boldly displays pricing on its homepage, promising fast delivery of engagement.


  • 100 Instagram Followers: $2.89
  • 500 Instagram Followers: $12.99
  • 1000 Instagram Followers: $21.99

At first glance, these prices seem very affordable compared to similar sites. But as the saying goes: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

The Good

Here are a few positives Instagram Up has going for it:

  • Visible pricing: Transparent rates displayed upfront build trust in a "no hidden fees" approach.
  • Detailed FAQ page: Answers basic questions about services, delivery speed, payment options, etc.
  • Appealing to social media newcomers: For those unfamiliar with organic vs. bought engagement, low prices may seem like an easy way to grow.

However, these positives pale in comparison to multiple concerning downsides.

The Bad

Upon closer examination, several troubling signs emerge:

  • No HTTPS protection: Lack of SSL certificate means site is not secure, putting user data at risk.
  • No customer support: No phone number or live chat offered for issues/questions.
  • Likely fake engagement: Extremely low prices signal bots/fake accounts rather than real, active Instagram users.
  • Zero reviews: Suspicious lack of customer testimonials points to dissatisfaction. Sites with real, happy customers proudly display reviews.

Risk of Getting Flagged or Banned by Instagram

Most alarmingly, purchasing artificial engagement is against Instagram‘s Terms of Service. Using services like Instagram Up often results in accounts getting flagged, barred from posting, or banned entirely. This catastrophic outcome defeats the original goal of growing an Instagram organically and authentically.

Instagram Up Competitors: How Do They Compare?

Service Price Delivery Customer Support Satisfaction Safety
Instagram Up $2.89 – $21.99 Fast No phone or chat support No reviews shown High risk of Instagram ban
[SocialSup]( $6.99 – $229.99 Fast 24/7 chat & email 4.2 stars Safe practices to avoid bans
[Jarvee]( $9.95 – $449 Fast Email, knowledge base 4.4 stars Security filters to protect accounts
[Ingramer]( $24.99 – $2999.99 Fast 24/7 live chat & support tickets 4.8 stars VIP support team to resolve issues

As the table shows, while Instagram Up is cheap, competitors match or beat its rates while offering exceptional support, proven satisfaction, and secure practices – well worth paying a little extra.

Final Verdict: Should You Use Instagram Up?

The evidence points to no – Instagram Up is not a safe or advisable Instagram growth service. Red flags like lack of site security, transparency, real reviews, or proper customer support indicate the likely purchase of fake followers from bots or inactive accounts.

This puts your account at high risk for being flagged or banned by Instagram without warning, ultimately hurting your brand‘s reputation and nullifying progress made.

Instead, I recommend exploring secure, legal Instagram growth services, even if they cost more. Genuine engagement from real humans is worth paying for and will drive lasting growth with satisfied followers.

If you have any other questions about safely expanding your Instagram account, don‘t hesitate to reach out. I‘m always happy to offer tailored guidance to match your specific brand goals. Here‘s to your ongoing Instagram and overall social media success!