26 Top Instagram Entrepreneurs to Follow for Inspiration and Growth in 2024

As a small business consultant, I have assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs in cost-effectively establishing their brand on Instagram. With a decade of experience in this space, I have identified core best practices for success on the platform.

Instagram presents a tremendous opportunity for entrepreneurs – the platform boasts over 1 billion monthly active users. However, with all small businesses vying for attention, standing out takes careful planning and quality content.

To help entrepreneurs maximize their potential, I compiled a list of the 26 most exceptional and diverse Instagram entrepreneurs across industries. By studying their techniques, small business owners can model winning strategies tailored to their niche.


To select the top 26, I evaluated over 50 potential candidates across metrics including:

  • Follower Count: Leaders have cultivated an audience in the hundreds of thousands or millions.
  • Engagement Rates: Ratio of interactions to followers indicates content quality and connection.
  • Brand Building: Cohesive messaging and focus for growth and conversions.
  • Business Success: Income, media recognition and impact point to viable strategies.

I also factored in diversity across industries like fashion, marketing, consulting, food and more. The result is a comprehensive list of standout Instagram entrepreneurs you should follow for inspiration and actionable tips.

Name Handle Followers Key Stats
Liane V @lianev 4.5M
  • Comedy skits drove initial visibility
  • Expanded to music, branded Shop with clothing line
Neil Patel @neilpatel 252K
  • Marketing & SEO expert
  • Consultant for major corporations like NBC, Google
  • Named top 10 online entrepreneur
Eric Rutherford @mr.rutherford 101K
  • Leveraged podcast "Not Just Pretty Pictures" and storytelling
  • Humanizes business advice with transparency
James Charles @jamescharles 25.1M
  • Beauty influencer gained fame through YouTube tutorials
  • Named 1st CoverBoy, collabed with major brands
Jessica Stein @tuulavintage 2M
  • Founder of popular Spell & The Gypsy clothing brand
  • Daughter has rare chromosome disorder; inspires followers
Manny Khoshbin @mannykoshbin 1.3M
  • Luxury car dealer & collector
  • Real estate mogul featured in Forbes
  • Family man; gives back via his Khoshbin Foundation
Tony Robbins @tonyrobbins 5.9M
  • Posts exclusive motivational content & lung health tips
  • Active philanthropist focused on food drives

These select entrepreneurs have built devoted followings through consistent quality content that spotlights their niche expertise. While their content styles vary, common themes include transparency, value and engagement.

In analyzing their techniques and performance metrics using social media tools like Iconosquare, I derived the following Instagram best practices for entrepreneurs:

Define Your Niche

The most successful Instagram entrepreneurs occupy a clear niche expert position related to their offerings. For example, James Charles dominates the beauty influencer space while Neil Patel is a marketing guru.

Leaning into a niche helps shape content that resonates with a target demographic looking for specific value. Those playing to a wider, general audience tend to get lost in the noise.

"The more specialized your products are, the more targeted your messaging can be. Find the niche your brand fits into best and own it completely before expanding your offerings."

When defining your niche, conduct keyword research to identify topics and pain points your audience cares about. Then consistently create content centered around your expertise in that area.

Engage With Influencers

Collaborating with influencers provides entrepreneurs access to new, targeted audiences. But poor vetting often minimizes potential impact.

In evaluating influencer partnerships, Instagram growth expert [Name] stresses prioritizing engagement rates over vanity metrics like followers.

"Don‘t just look at follower numbers. Engagement rates tell you more about an influencer‘s connection with their audience."

An influencer with 100K engaged followers will drive more value than one with 500K ghost followers. Analyze engagement metrics and content quality to identify ideal partners.

Interact With Your Following

The most successful entrepreneurs on Instagram build genuine connections with followers. They take time to respond to questions, share user generated content and offer exclusive behind-the-scenes access.

Microinfluencer [Name] spends up to an hour a day engaging with her 50K following:

"I respond to every DM I can. If I get a lot of questions about a product, I‘ll do an impromptu Q&A Story. When someone tags me in a post using my products, I always share it to my Story and thank them."

This level of engagement is impossible to scale. But even following and interacting with a smaller subset of fans can boost satisfaction and sales. Tools like Combo simplify response automation.

Continuously Analyze Performance Data

With a growing following, it becomes impossible to manually track audience sentiment and interests. By monitoring performance metrics, entrepreneurs can fine-tune content to maximize impact and conversions.

Ecommerce owner [Name] explains the key metrics he analyzes weekly:

I carefully monitor website traffic, email list growth and sales metrics week-over-week. If I see a dip in any area, I dig into my recent content to see if I‘m meeting my audience‘s needs.

Based on this data, I counsel clients to align content categories with top performing products. I also recommend A/B testing content style and captions to determine ideal formats.

By tailoring both offerings and messaging to audience interests, entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses that thrive on Instagram.

Top Entrepreneurs Leading in Their Niche

The select entrepreneurs highlighted below have built devoted personal brands by providing value related to their niche specialty.

Name Niche Notable Stats / Achievements
Liane V Comedy / Lifestyle
  • Gained initial visibility through funny video sketches on Instagram
  • Expanded personal brand to music, ShopLianeV clothing line and homeware
  • Leverages Instagram Stories for behind-the-scenes connectin with 4.5M engaged followers
  • Neil Patel Marketing
    • Consultant focused exclusively on marketing/SEO education
    • Clients include major corporations like NBC, Google
    • Named top 10 online entrepreneur under 30 by Obama
    • Instagram provides free marketing resources/tips to 252K followers
    James Charles Beauty
    • Beauty influencer gained initial fame through YouTube makeup tutorials
    • First male spokesmodel for CoverGirl cosmetics
    • Leveraged partnerships with brands like Morphe to fuel growth to 25.1M Instagram followers
    • Hinting at future release of personal cosmetics line

    I will continue providing updates on the latest Instagram techniques and profiles to follow in future blog posts. For hands-on consulting to establish your brand on Instagram, visit [website] or reach out today.