Instafollowers Review & User Ratings – Is It a Scam? (2022 Update)

As a social media consultant who works closely with small business owners, I‘m often asked about services like Instafollowers that promise quick and easy Instagram growth. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll provide an unbiased look at what Instafollowers offers, pricing, legitimacy, potential risks, and smarter alternatives to consider.

A Deep Dive Into Instafollowers

Overview: Instafollowers offers packages for buying Instagram followers, likes, views, and comments. They also claim to help grow followers on Twitter, Spotify, SoundCloud, and more. Their website is secure and pricing is listed upfront.

Offerings & Pricing:

  • Followers start at 100 for $2.89 up to 10,000 for $169
  • Post likes start at 50 for $2.89 up to 5,000 for $64
  • 1,000 story views for $4.99
  • 50 comments for $19.99

Signup Process: Enter your Instagram username, choose a service package, provide your email and payment info. The followers, likes, etc. are then added to your account.

Customer Reviews: I could not find any verified customer reviews on Instafollowers‘ website or anywhere else online. This raises concerns about whether real users have found success with them.

Payment Security: No clear details provided about how they process payments safely and securely. Lack of transparency is a red flag.

Assessing the Risks of Using Instafollowers

Unfortunately, there are several risks associated with services like Instafollowers that aim to grow Instagram accounts through automated likes, followers, and views:

  • Bots/Fake Accounts: Followers and engagement from third-party services often come from fake, inactive accounts or bots. These provide no real value.
  • Temporary Results: The artificial followers and likes usually drop off accounts quickly rather than accumulating genuinely over time.
  • Reputational Damage: Fake engagement makes an account seem untrustworthy to real users. This can deter organic growth long-term.
  • Violates Instagram‘s Terms: Explicitly prohibiting artificially inflating follower/engagement numbers could get accounts banned.
  • No ROI: Paying for fake growth provides no true business value and is unlikely to offer a positive return on investment.

According to, over 55 million Instagram users have fake followers. found that approximately 20% of Instagram engagement comes from bots and spam accounts.

Alternatives for Safe, Effective Instagram Growth

Instead of risky Instagram growth services, I advise my clients to focus on proven organic growth strategies:

  • Post high-quality, engaging content consistently
  • Use relevant hashtags and captions strategically
  • Engage with your target audience by liking, commenting
  • Run giveaways and contests to attract real followers
  • Collaborate with relevant influencers or brands
  • Optimize your profile with SEO keywords

These tactics help build real connections and community around your brand on Instagram authentically. While slower, the results are longer-lasting.

Comparing Instafollowers to Leading Alternatives

Service Pricing Delivery Speed Refund Policy Verified Reviews
Instafollowers $2.89 – $169 Instant 14-30 days No
Nitreo $49 – $899 Gradual 30 days Yes
Kicksta $15 – $75 Gradual 14 days Yes

As the table shows, competitors like Nitreo and Kicksta deliver followers gradually from real accounts, have refund policies, and proven reviews. This justifies their higher pricing.

The Bottom Line

Based on my analysis, I would not recommend Instafollowers or similar Instagram growth services to small business clients. While they appear to offer quick results, it comes at a high risk with little chance of sustainable growth. Investing time into proven organic growth strategies drives real value for building a brand on social media long-term.

I hope this thorough review helps set realistic expectations and equips business owners to make smart decisions when it comes to growing their Instagram accounts. Please share your thoughts or experiences in the comments!