Why Every Small Business Should Avoid Instadub

A Detailed Analysis for Entrepreneurs

As a consultant dedicated to helping small business owners succeed on Instagram, I often get asked about services like Instadub that promise quick, easy follower growth. But the fast growth Instadub delivers fails to drive real business value for entrepreneurs.

After an in-depth evaluation, I cannot recommend entrepreneurs use Instadub if they want to build an audience that converts to sales. In this post, I‘ll break down exactly why Instadub falls short for social media marketing, specifically for small business owners looking to grow on Instagram.

An Overview of Instadub

First, a quick primer on what Instadub offers. Instadub is an Instagram bot service that claims to grow accounts fast through automated liking, commenting, following/unfollowing, and direct messaging.

The interface and initial setup process seem simple enough for beginners. And at a glance, the idea of effortless growth likely appeals to time-strapped business owners.

But there are quite a few risky downsides to Instadub entrepreneurs should consider before using it.

Key Reasons Instadub Isn‘t Ideal for Business Profiles

While Instadub may be able to grow follower numbers, it fails to drive meaningful business results for a few reasons:

1. Tactics Violate Instagram‘s Terms, Risking Bans

Instadub relies heavily on spam tactics like aggressive following/unfollowing, irrelevant comments, and indiscriminate liking. These types of activities directly violate Instagram‘s Terms of Use around fake engagements.

Not only are these tactics annoying for users, but they also carry high risks of account suspensions and bans. In fact, Instagram disabled over 95 million accounts for policy violations in 2022 alone.

And for businesses dependant on Instagram for sales, getting banned can be devastating. You‘d lose all your content, followers and authority built up for your brand.

2. Majority of Growth Isn‘t from Real Human Followers

While Instadub may boost your follower count quickly at first, most of the new followers are either fake accounts or bots themselves.

So you‘ll end up with followers like these:

Example of Fake Instagram Followers

Fake followers don‘t engage with your branded content, click links in your bio, or actually buy from your business. So the growth hardly translates to sales.

In fact, a recent 2022 study analyzing over 2 million Instagram accounts found:

  • Accounts using follow/unfollow bots had 35% more fake followers vs those not using bots
  • 65% of followers driven by bots had zero posts or engagement

Clearly, the majority aren‘t real, high-value followers.

3. Lack of Ongoing Support for Issues

While Instadub‘s site mentions 24/7 customer support, users report major issues getting responses from the team.

There‘s limited documentation covering troubleshooting or best practices. And given the blackhat nature of third-party bot services, it‘s not surprising Instadub lacks transparency.

So if account issues do pop up, you‘ll likely struggle getting problems resolved.

The bottom line is Instadub isn‘t forthright about the shady tactics driving its growth. And this poses big risks for businesses trying to build credibility and trust on social media.

Safer Instagram Growth Alternatives

Rather than gamble with services like Instadub, I always recommend clients focus on organic growth fueled by genuinely engaging content.

But hiring a social media manager or running lots of ads isn‘t always feasible for early-stage companies.

That‘s why I suggest lower-risk Instagram growth services like Kicksta or Social Sensei to clients instead.

Service Pricing Safety Top Features
Kicksta $49+/mo High Interest Targeting, Content Optimization Tools
Social Sensei Custom Packages High 1:1 Account Manager, Brand Monitoring

These platforms focus more on safe, relevant audience growth fueled by interest targeting and partnerships – not shady bot activity.

While growth may start slower, the followers consistently engage better with branded content and products. So you get more value from the audiences you build.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, Instadub seems like a quick shortcut to growing an Instagram following. But consider if a few more followers you can‘t monetize are worth risking your Instagram business over.

As a fellow entrepreneur and advisor, I urge you to avoid services like Instadub playing fast and loose with the rules. Focus on creating captivating content and developing genuine connections in your niche instead.

If you have any other questions navigating the wild west of Instagram growth, don‘t hesitate to reach out! I‘m always happy to offer insider advice to help businesses succeed on social media.