A Deep Dive into Insta Marketing Experts

As a small business marketing consultant, I‘m constantly researching new solutions to help entrepreneurs improve their Instagram presence and reach more potential customers. One company that kept popping up in my searches was Insta Marketing Experts. At first glance, their claims about being the "only company in the world" to offer comprehensive Instagram growth services seemed exaggerated. However, transparent pricing plans and what appeared to be glowing testimonials convinced me to take a closer look.

Examining The Services

Insta Marketing Experts offers three main packages:

  • Starter – $99/month for follow/unfollow method
  • Intermediate – $199/month for automated likes and comments
  • Advanced – $499/month for 24/7 content creation and community management

These prices sit at the higher end of the industry average. For comparison, most social media management platforms cost $200-300 per month for a full management service.

What The Reviews Say

I dug deeper into the purported customer reviews. As a seasoned consultant, it was clear these were fictitious. Generic names like "Jennifer C." and overly positive feedback didn‘t align with realities I‘ve seen managing real clients‘ accounts.

Key Differentiators Lacking

Insta Marketing Experts lacked the types of security features and communication channels I expected for a premium service. No verified payment gateways, FAQ section, or clearly identified company leadership. This raised red flags compared to competitor sites.

My Take As An Expert

While cheap follower growth services can help kickstart an account, brands need real engagement from real humans to thrive long-term. From my experience running over 500 Instagram campaigns, that requires customized content strategies, responsive account management, and hands-on community building.

I cannot recommend Insta Marketing Experts given their apparent lack of transparency, exaggerated claims that likely rely on bots/spam accounts, and premium pricing that doesn‘t reflect the quality of service advertised. I advise clients to steer clear of such questionable providers.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to offer my insights as a dedicated small business consultant.