IG Rocket Review & User Ratings: In-Depth Analysis of This Instagram Growth Service

With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is a powerful platform for businesses, influencers, and creators to build an audience. But gaining real, engaged followers requires time and strategy. This is where services like IG Rocket promise to help skyrocket your Instagram growth.

But can you really trust IG Rocket to grow your account safely? In this detailed review, we‘ll analyze whether IG Rocket delivers on its claims, or if you should look to safer alternatives.

A Look at Key Instagram Usage and Growth Statistics

To start, let‘s look at some key Instagram stats to understand the platform‘s massive scale and competitive landscape:

  • 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram as of June 2018 [1]
  • 500 million daily active Instagram Stories users [2]
  • 71% of US businesses use Instagram [3]
  • The top 1% of Instagrammers drive 90% of the engagement [4]

As these stats show, Instagram is hugely competitive. Gaining reach as a business or creator takes strategic planning.

What is IG Rocket and How Does It Work?

IG Rocket is a third-party service that offers to grow your Instagram followers and engagement through automated services. Their website promises to boost your Instagram account through:

  • Followers packages
  • Likes packages
  • Automatic likes
  • Comments
  • Views

The service works by simply purchasing one of their engagement packages, and their system automatically delivers the promised followers, likes, or comments to your Instagram profile and posts.

According to their website, the engagement comes from "real accounts". But without access to analytics, it‘s impossible to verify if the followers and likes are genuine users.

Breaking Down IG Rocket‘s Features and Pricing

Some of the main features IG Rocket advertises include:

Followers packages:

  • 250 Instagram followers – $5
  • 1000 followers – $19
  • 5000 followers – $69

Likes packages:

  • 100 likes – $3
  • 500 likes – $9
  • 1000 likes – $17


  • 500 views – $3
  • 5,000 views – $19


  • 50 comments – $14

Their pricing structure offers cheap rates compared to competitors. But again, without transparency into the account source, quality can‘t be guaranteed.

IG Rocket Pros: The Potential Advantages

There are some potential upsides to consider for those looking to quickly inflate their Instagram metrics:

  • Fast delivery – IG Rocket promises fast follower and engagement delivery, usually within 1-2 days. This allows you to increase vanity metrics like follower count quickly.
  • Cheap – The extremely inexpensive rates allow almost anyone to buy followers and likes. It‘s affordable social proof for those working with a very limited budget.
  • No passwords – You don‘t need to provide your Instagram login credentials, as their system automatically delivers engagement.
  • Simple – Ordering engagement is quick and requires minimal effort to get started.

The Downsides and Risks of Using IG Rocket

However, there are also considerable downsides to understand before using IG Rocket:

  • Bot or fake accounts – Many reviews report the new followers and likes dropping off after a short period, indicating fake engagement. This could actually damage your account credibility long-term.
  • Violates Instagram‘s terms – Buying engagement goes directly against Instagram‘s terms of service and could put your account at risk for banning.
  • No refunds – IG Rocket does not offer refunds according to their terms, so you‘re out the money if you encounter issues.
  • No analytics – Without Instagram analytics access, there‘s no transparency into the source of followers or engagement.
  • Not sustainable – Any growth through fake engagement isn‘t sustainable long-term. Your metrics will deflate rapidly if built through bots.

Some key statistics on potential risks:

  • 17% of users lose followers from inauthentic growth services after 90 days [5]
  • Accounts using third-party services see 62% more account bans [6]

As the stats show, the short-term vanity metrics aren‘t worth jeopardizing your account‘s long-term growth and credibility.

Examining Top IG Rocket Alternatives for Safe Growth

Rather than risking your Instagram account with services like IG Rocket, you‘re better off exploring more sustainable growth alternatives:


Nitreo offers advanced analytics and automation tools to help you gain real Instagram followers through content optimization and community growth features. Their platform helps ensure authentic, long-term growth.


Kicksta focuses specifically on expert Instagram strategy combined with automation for organic reach and engagement. They emphasize safe practices for lasting growth.


Later provides an Instagram marketing platform for scheduling posts, analyzing performance, finding influencers, and planning your visual content strategy.


Upleap provides managed Instagram services by assigning you a personal account manager. They execute tailored growth strategies focused on real engagement.

Service Pricing Key Features
Nitreo $99-$149/mo Analytics, Content Planning, Community Growth Tools
Kicksta $49-$99/mo Instagram Strategy & Automation
Later $9-$49/mo Instagram Analytics & Publishing
Upleap Custom Quote 1-on-1 Instagram Account Management

The Verdict: Should You Use IG Rocket or Not?

Given the major risks around account bans, bot followers, and terms violations, our recommendation is to avoid services like IG Rocket for Instagram growth. Paying for engagement simply won‘t translate into lasting, organic growth.

For best results, focus your efforts into visual content creation, community engagement, and leveraging analytics tools for optimization. Consistent, high-value content that resonates with your audience is still the top driver of sustainable Instagram growth.


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