Hypesta for Instagram Growth: A Deep Dive on Whether It‘s Worth It

As a social media marketing consultant who works with dozens of small businesses and influencers, I‘m always researching the best Instagram growth tools and evaluating new services that come on the scene.

One such service that has been gaining some buzz lately is Hypesta. In this comprehensive review, I‘ll dig into everything you need to know about Hypesta to decide if it‘s right for your brand or account.

A Quick Look at the Instagram Growth Space

Before analyzing Hypesta specifically, it helps to understand the broader Instagram growth industry.

  • Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users who share 95 million photos and videos daily.
  • An estimated 59% of Instagram users say they discover new products on the platform.
  • The Instagram growth tools industry is projected to be worth $1.07 billion by 2027.
  • Top services help users get real, targeted followers through content optimization, engagement pods, shoutouts, and growth automation.

However, an increasing number of subpar or scam services makes it crucial to thoroughly vet any company before using their services.

Who is Hypesta?

Hypesta is a relatively new service that offers packages to help Instagram users gain more followers, likes, and views. According to their website:

  • They deliver "100% real targeted followers" to clients.
  • Packages start at $39/month for 750 new followers.
  • More expensive packages add up to 7,500 new followers per month.

I decided to test Hypesta for myself to provide an inside look at whether it‘s worth the investment.

Putting Hypesta to the Test: My Experience

I signed up for Hypesta‘s basic $39/month plan for my craft business Instagram account. Here‘s what I experienced using their service for 2 months:

  • Easy signup process: Quickly submitted my account details to get started.
  • 750 followers added: True to their claim, 750 new followers were added in the first month.
  • No engagement from new followers: The accounts following me didn‘t interact with my content at all.
  • Suspicious activity: Many new followers had 0 posts, followers, and generic names/profiles.
  • Slow response to issues: I emailed their support about suspicious followers but only got a reply 3 days later.
  • Didn‘t renew: After the trial period, I decided not to continue using Hypesta.

Based on my experience, I became skeptical about the legitimacy of the new followers I was gaining. Next I‘ll break down my full analysis of Hypesta‘s services.

Evaluating Hypesta‘s Services: Red Flags Emerge

While Hypesta delivered the promised follower count, several factors led me to conclude there are better and safer options out there:

No Evidence of Organic Growth Tactics

Hypesta claims they target real users similar to your followers and engage new followers through content likes, comments etc. However, I saw no evidence of this on my posts or account insights after using them.

Gaining 750 inactive followers in one month through organic methods like engagement pods or shoutouts is highly unlikely.

Many Inactive Followers Added

Roughly 80% of the followers I gained appeared to be bot/fake accounts or inactive users. This indicates inorganic methods of growth.

Violates Instagram‘s Guidelines

The unusually high number of inactive followers gained in a short period likely means Hypesta uses prohibited tactics like bots, inauthentic engagement, or buying fake followers.

Poor Customer Support

I experienced painfully slow response times when asking for support, showing a lack of concern for clients.

No Reputation or Reviews

There are no reviews of Hypesta on any major industry sites. A lack of reputation makes it impossible to verify their claims.

Unknown Safety Measures

Hypesta promises your account will stay safe. But it‘s unclear what (if any) safety protocols they have in place to prevent bans.

The Bottom Line: Hypesta is Too Risky for Businesses

Here‘s my advice for anyone considering Hypesta:

Proceed with extreme caution. While not an outright scam, Hypesta engages in shady practices that could seriously harm your account. I don‘t recommend Hypesta for any business or influencer focused on organic, high-quality growth.

For safer Instagram growth, I suggest services like Nitreo or Social Captain that focus on engagement pods, optimization, and brand partnerships. Or use trusted follower exchanges like Mr. Insta and Foxoid.

Have you used Hypesta or other Instagram growth services? Share your reviews below to help fellow marketers!