How Entrepreneurs Can View Their LinkedIn Profile from Someone Else‘s Perspective (A Small Business Guide)

As an entrepreneur, your LinkedIn profile is a critical tool for attracting potential clients, partners, and investors. But crafting a compelling profile takes skill and effort. One of the best ways to optimize your profile is to view it from another user‘s perspective.

According to a Harris Poll survey, 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content. With over 770 million members worldwide, you simply can‘t afford to have a lackluster profile.

This guide will walk through steps to view your LinkedIn profile as others see it, allowing you to tailor your presence for maximum impact.

Adjust Profile Visibility Settings

The first step is checking your overall visibility settings, which control what parts of your profile various users can access.

To edit your settings:

  • Click the Me icon and select Settings & Privacy
  • Choose Visibility on the left rail

Here you can set your profile visibility for search engines, outside connections, and specific individuals. For the broadest reach, set your profile to public.

According to LinkedIn, profiles with public visibility settings get 30% more profile views than private profiles.

View as a LinkedIn Member

View your profile as a generic LinkedIn member to see the default perspective.

  • Go to your profile and click the More icon next to View profile as
  • Select View as member

This setting shows your profile as it appears to any logged-in user. Note which sections are visible and tailor them for member engagement.

View Profile as a Public User

Toggle your view to that of an unregistered user accessing your profile through a public search.

  • On your profile, click More next to View profile as
  • Choose View as public

Optimizing for this public perspective can help drive organic search traffic to your profile. Include SEO keywords in your headline and summary.

View Profile as a Specific Person

For the most accurate glimpse, view your profile as a particular individual like a potential collaborator or investor.

  • On your profile, click More next to View profile as
  • Select View as specific person
  • Enter the full name

Imagine what key details would appeal to this person and highlight them in your profile.

Manage Your Public Profile Information

Carefully manage the public sections of your profile – your photo, headline, summary, experience, etc.

  • Use a high-quality professional photo that builds credibility and trust
  • Craft an SEO-optimized headline and summary targeting your ideal clients
  • Showcase only the most relevant experience and skills
  • Publish written content to demonstrate thought leadership

Improve Your Search Visibility

Beyond optimizing profile content, ensure your profile fully indexes in searches.

  • Completely fill out all sections of your profile – LinkedIn rewards completeness
  • Use keywords naturally throughout your profile
  • Get endorsements and recommendations to build credibility
  • Engage regularly with content sharing, commenting, and liking

Test With a Secondary LinkedIn Account

For real-world tests, create a secondary LinkedIn account.

  • Use a different email and password
  • Craft a generic identity unrelated to your primary account
  • View your main profile from the perspective of this secondary account
  • See exactly how your profile appears in searches
  • Identify any improvements based on this objective viewpoint

Summing Up Key Takeaways

There are concrete, actionable steps entrepreneurs can take to optimize their LinkedIn profile‘s visibility, reach, and impact. By leveraging the platform‘s viewing tools, managing public information, and improving search indexing, small business owners can craft a compelling profile that converts visitors into paid clients and partners.

The investment of time required is minor compared to the substantial benefits of increased brand exposure, partnership opportunities, and customer acquisition. With 94% of B2B marketers tapping LinkedIn for lead gen, an well-optimized profile is essential for entrepreneurs‘ success.