How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously in 2023: The Small Business Owner‘s Guide

As a social media consultant who specializes in helping small businesses and entrepreneurs grow their brands on Instagram, I often get asked: "How can I view someone‘s Instagram story without them knowing?"

Instagram stories have exploded in popularity, with 500 million daily active users in 2022. But your username shows up when you view someone‘s story, and sometimes you want to lurk anonymously.

The good news is you have options to view Instagram stories in incognito mode. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll share seven sly methods, plus ethical tips for using them appropriately as a small business owner.

Why Anonymous Viewing Matters for Small Business Marketing

As a small business, you can gain useful intel from viewing your competitors‘ Instagram stories anonymously. Watching their ephemeral content lets you:

  • See what resonates with their target audience
  • Discover new marketing trends in your industry
  • Identify potential partnerships or collaborations

Just don‘t take advantage of anonymous viewing to outright steal content or infringe on trademarks. Stay ethical in your lurking!

7 Ways to View Instagram Stories Secretly

Now, let‘s get into the sneaky tricks for viewing stories without leaving a trace:

1. Enable Airplane Mode

This is one of the easiest ways to view a story stealthily. Here‘s exactly how:

  • Open Instagram and wait for stories to load for a few seconds
  • Turn on Airplane mode on your phone to cut the internet connection
  • Tap to view the stories you want anonymously
  • Close Instagram completely and turn Airplane mode off

Without an internet connection, Instagram can‘t transmit data back to their servers about your viewing activity.

One tip is to only watch stories midway through with Airplane mode. Instagram may flag watching the full thing multiple times from the same account.

2. Use Anonymous Story Viewer Apps

Specialized apps like BlindStory, StorySave, and Glassagram let you view stories 100% anonymously.

To use them:

  1. Download from the iOS or Android app store
  2. Log into your Instagram account through the app
  3. Search for the username whose stories you want to see
  4. View their stories privately without detection!

These apps work by intercepting the story data without passing tracking information back to Instagram‘s systems.

3. Watch Stories from a Secondary Account

Make a separate Instagram account to watch stories anonymously:

  • Do not follow or interact with your main Instagram account from this secondary account
  • When wanting to view stories, log into the secondary account and watch
  • The story views will be completely anonymous from your main profile

This takes more effort but allows totally private lurking on an ongoing basis. Use a different email and device if you really want to remain hidden.

4. View from Private Instagram Story Sites

Websites like StoriesIG and Story Saver show public Instagram stories anonymously. Simply search for the username to view their content without an account.

However, this only reveals public stories. For private accounts, you‘ll need to log in, making your viewing discoverable.

5. Unfollow, Watch, Refollow

If you want to view a story just once anonymously, you can unfollow the account, watch the story, and refollow them later.

  • Unfollow the account to remove yourself as a follower
  • View the story you want to see without them knowing
  • Refollow later to catch any future stories (you‘ll miss anything posted while unfollowing)

While more tedious, this ensures just a single anonymous view from your account.

6. The View Once Trick

Similar to the unfollow trick, the "view once" technique involves viewing just a portion of the story:

  • Open the story and watch a few seconds of it
  • Close Instagram before the story finishes playing through completely
  • When you reopen Instagram, you should be able view it fully a second time without detection

Instagram seems to count it as an anonymous view unless you watch the story through to the very end.

7. Use Incognito Browser Extensions

Chrome extensions like Anonymous Story Viewer for Instagram provide easy private browsing of stories:

  • Download and add the extension to Chrome on your desktop
  • When logged into Instagram on Chrome, click the extension icon next to a username
  • This will open their stories anonymously without tracking

However, this only works when viewing Instagram on the Chrome browser, not in the mobile app.

Ethical Usage Tips for Small Business Owners

While these tricks allow you to lurk anonymously, be careful not to use this power unethically as a small business:

  • Do not use anonymous viewing to steal content or infringe on trademarks
  • Limit anonymous viewing to direct competitors, not personal connections
  • Consider asking a company directly before viewing anonymously
  • Keep private business intel gathered to yourself – don‘t publicly share

The key is not abusing anonymous viewing to be sneaky. Use it judiciously to gain limited, ethical insights for your brand.


I hope this guide helps explain how to view Instagram stories without leaving a trace in 2023. As a social media consultant to small businesses, I advise using these powers carefully.

Remember to always prioritize ethics in your Instagram lurking and marketing strategies. With the right approach, anonymous story viewing can become a useful asset for your brand.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to share my expertise with fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners.