How to Update MetaMask (Guide for 2024!)

As a crypto wallet that stores millions in assets and processes billions in transactions per year, it‘s critical for business owners to keep MetaMask updated. This article provides entrepreneurs a comprehensive guide on seamlessly updating MetaMask and ensuring continued secure use.

Why MetaMask Updates Matter for Business Owners

With over 21 million monthly active users currently, MetaMask has seen widespread adoption. Its ease-of-use makes accepting crypto payments accessible even for small businesses. However, as per industry reports, it also stores and secures an estimated $3.2 billion in assets – making updating crucial.

Here‘s why business owners should care about staying updated:

Security Against Threats

Like any software, MetaMask regularly patches vulnerabilities. For wallets securing valuable business crypto assets, it‘s prudent to promptly update and stay ahead of potential threats.

Access Tax & Compliance Features

Recent MetaMask updates have introduced handy tax preparation tools to view historical transactions and export reports – very useful for accurate taxation.

Avoid Missing Out on Customer Payments

Certain customer crypto payments from overseas may require a latest version of a wallet like MetaMask to show up properly. An outdated version can hence mean missed payments.

Employees Learning to Use MetaMask

As employers train staff on accepting crypto payments via MetaMask integrations, ensuring everyone learns on the latest version standardizes the process.

Step-by-Step Guide to Update

Updating MetaMask takes just minutes. Follow these foolproof steps:

On Desktop

  1. Click the MetaMask browser extension icon
  2. Click the 3-dot menu icon on the top right
  3. If a prompt to update shows, click ‘Update Now‘
  4. The update automatically downloads and installs
  5. Refresh your browser when done

Fig 1. Updating MetaMask on Desktop

If auto-updates are disabled, take these steps instead:

  1. Open Chrome Extension Management page
  2. Expand MetaMask details and turn on Developer Mode
  3. Click the ‘Update‘ button

Fig 2. Manually updating MetaMask

On Mobile

  1. Open the Play Store / App Store
  2. Locate the MetaMask app
  3. An update button will show if new version exists
  4. Tap update and let installation complete
  5. Re-open MetaMask when done

Fig 3. Updating mobile MetaMask app

Post Update Verification

After updating MetaMask, take a minute or two to verify proper functioning:

  • Confirm correctly updated version under ‘About‘ section
  • Review transaction history to ensure it displays accurately
  • Test sending a small crypto payment to check smooth sending

Also take backup of your Secret Recovery Phrase in case any unlikely issues occur in future.

Troubleshooting Update Problems

Some common problems faced during MetaMask updates and their solutions:

Unable to automatically update: This is often fixed by manually updating in browser extension settings or mobile app store. Turning on Developer Mode on desktop allows forcing an update.

Wallet history missing: Closing and restoring the updated app typically resolves this. Also confirm you‘ve imported all required accounts post update.

Balance not showing: First, check the network. Switch between Mainnet and Testnets to see if balances reappear. Otherwise restore wallet from recovery phrase.

Mobile syncing issues: Check for app software conflicts that may be preventing syncing and leading to stalled updates. Temporarily disabling other extension may help.

Getting Support As a Business Owner

If issues aren‘t resolved via standard troubleshooting, specialized MetaMask Customer Support options exist for businesses relying on it:

Community Forum: Post about your issues on MetaMask‘s community forum boards to access help from their dedicated community support members.

Premium Support: For quick problem resolution, premium expert support over email and phone is available under paid plans starting $299 per month. May be worthwhile for business-critical issues.

Submit Support Ticket: Standard free support involves submitting tickets with detailed issue information to their customer helpdesk and awaiting response from their technical teams.

No matter what the size of your crypto business, having an updated and fully-functional MetaMask wallet is key to securely managing your assets and payments. Follow this guide to stay on latest MetaMask version.