A Complete Guide to Untagging Yourself on Instagram in 2023

As a social media consultant who advises small businesses on Instagram growth strategy, I often get asked: "Can I remove tags on Instagram?"

And the answer is yes – Instagram provides robust controls allowing you to manage the tags others apply to your profile. As a business owner, untagging certain content can be crucial to preserving your brand image.

In this article, we‘ll discuss steps to untag yourself on Instagram, settings to prevent unwanted tags, and best practices around managing tags.

Why Tag Management Matters

Tagging connects users on Instagram. But misguided tags can sabotage brands. In a 2021 survey, 32% of brands said they‘d faced a public relations crisis caused by Instagram tags. Unwanted associations can devastate perception, especially for companies promoting social/environmental values.

This is why 67% of brands surveyed restricted Instagram tagging through their settings last year. Controlling tags is key to brand safety.

Who Can Tag You on Instagram

Your Instagram tagging permissions depend on your privacy settings:

  1. Tap your profile picture
  2. Open menu
  3. Select Settings > Privacy > Posts
  4. Under Allow Tags From, choose Everyone, People You Follow, or No One
Setting Result
Everyone Any Instagram user can tag you
People You Follow Only users you follow can tag you
No One No users can tag you

You can also limit story tags under Story Settings. I suggest brands choose "People You Follow" to enable tags from genuine supporters.

How to Untag Yourself from Instagram Posts

If an unwanted tag slips through, untag instantly:

  1. Tap the post where you‘re tagged
  2. Open the menu (3 dots icon)
  3. Select Tag Options > Remove Me From Post

This removes the tag link without deleting the post itself.

Hiding Tagged Posts

Alternatively, you can hide unwanted tagged posts from your profile:

  1. Tap the tagged post
  2. Tap your username
  3. Select Hide From My Profile

Others can still see the post on the original poster‘s profile or in Instagram feeds. But it won‘t be visible to your followers on your profile grid anymore.

How to Delete Tag Mentions in Comments

Users can "mention" others with @ in comments. To remove:

  • Ask the commenter to delete their comment
  • If they won‘t, block them to remove all their comments

I don‘t recommend brands block users without reason. But you can block repeat offender who deliberately mention you in unwanted contexts.

Key Takeaways

I suggest business accounts limit tags to People You Follow, untag inappropriate content swiftly, and hide unwanted tagged posts. Brand safety must be the priority.

With the right tag management, you can benefit from Instagram‘s connectivity while avoiding unwanted associations. Please reach out if you need help crafting an Instagram strategy optimized for your brand!