A Small Business Owner‘s Guide to Unmatching on Tinder

As an entrepreneur well-versed in ending business relationships, I can tell you unmatching someone on Tinder is simply establishing professional boundaries in your personal life. Here is comprehensive advice on when, why, and how to unmatch a Tinder connection.

What Does Unmatching Mean?

According to a 2022 Tinder survey, 65% of users have unmatched a connection at some point. Unmatching removes someone from your connections permanently so you will no longer see each other‘s profiles or communicate within the Tinder app.

Top Reasons People Unmatch on Tinder:

  • 63% lost interest in the person
  • 37% felt uncomfortable due to inappropriate behavior
  • 31% started dating someone new

While not the same as blocking, unmatching eliminates further contact on Tinder specifically. Now let‘s walk through the swift, simple steps to unmatch someone.

Step-By-Step Guide to Unmatching

Unsurprisingly, the process mirrors ending a business relationship – direct but cordial.

1. Access Your Connections

Open the Tinder app and tap the chat icon in the upper right corner:

[Insert screenshot of Tinder app toolbar with chat icon circled]

This will display your current connections.

2. Select the Match to Unmatch

Scroll to and select the chat with the connection you wish to unmatch.

3. Tap "Unmatch"

iOS: Tap the flag icon.
Android: Tap the three dots icon.

Both will display an "Unmatch" option to confirm removing this person.

And you‘re done! All ties are permanently severed within Tinder.

When Is Unmatching Appropriate?

Think of unmatching as ending an informal business partnership that is no longer productive or positive for either party.

You may decide to unmatch connections that:

  • Make inappropriate advances causing discomfort
  • Repeatedly ignore personal boundaries
  • No longer align with your relationship goals

The key is not feeling guilty about establishing those boundaries! Just as you would terminate a business relationship, unmatch respectfully when needed.

I hope this guide serves you well on Tinder and inspires you to confidently create the connections you seek!