How to Unarchive an Instagram Post in 2023: An Entrepreneur‘s Guide

As a small business owner trying to save time and money on marketing efforts, unlocking your Instagram archive can provide a treasure trove of content. Repurposing evergreen posts or reminding fans of your best work can boost engagement with very little effort.

I regularly unarchive my favorite product photos and testimonials to showcase my jewelry shop‘s offerings to new and returning visitors. It works wonderfully to increase my following and website traffic!

In this article, we‘ll cover everything entrepreneurs need to know about successfully unarchiving Instagram posts.

4 Reasons Entrepreneurs Should Unarchive Old Instagram Posts

  1. Increase visibility for current promotions or products: With Instagram‘s algorithm, old posts get buried fast. Unarchiving them gives existing content new life. I‘ve timed unarchiving product posts right before holiday sales to drive interest.
  2. Leverage nostalgia marketing: Human beings love nostalgia! In fact, nostalgia marketing can increase sales by over 30%. Dig up sentimental or trendy blasts-from-the-past to play into that instinct.
  3. Remind fans of evergreen content: Refreshing timeless content reminds existing followers why they loved you in the first place. I often re-up posts showcasing my handcrafting process and beloved bestsellers.
  4. Showcase your range for new followers: New visitors will only scroll through your newest 12 posts or so. If you unarchive older pieces, you demonstrate versatility they would have otherwise missed!

5 Best Practices for Unarchiving as a Business

If you decide unarchiving older content aligns with your Instagram strategy, follow these guidelines for success:

  1. Evaluate timing: When‘s your audience most active? What else are you posting around the same time? How can you best capitalize interest?
  2. Pick creative, evergreen posts: Showcase specialty products, highlight reels, or posts promoting your mission and values. Posts under 2 years old perform best.
  3. Add new, strategic hashtags: Refresh tags to drop into trending conversations and reach wider viewership. Tools like Display Purposes can identify the best.
  4. Consider location tags: If your business has brick-and-mortar shops, location tags help nearby visitors rediscover you.
  5. Use captions to update context: Write new captions recapping why you brought a post out of the archive, or what followers should focus on.

When Should You Avoid Unarchiving Old Posts?

Before unarchiving, ask yourself:

  • Is the post still visually appealing and relevant? Outdated imagery won‘t captivate.
  • Do the products/services shown still accurately represent my offerings?
  • Does the post reinforce my desired brand image?
  • Might the post accidentally offend or need advisories for sensitivity?

If no, consider leaving it archived or making an entirely new post instead.

I hope this guide empowers small business owners like myself to fully utilize Instagram‘s archives. Let me know if you have any other questions!