How Busy Entrepreneurs Can Quickly Unadd Snapchat Friends in 2023

As an entrepreneur, networking with potential partners, investors and influencers is critical for getting your business off the ground. While making new connections is vital, keeping your Snapchat friend list organized saves you precious time.

Entrepreneur Social Media Habits

The average Snapchat user has 175 friends on the platform. However, business networking tends to inflate your connections:

  • 82% of entrepreneurs use Snapchat for their business needs
  • The average Snapchat user spends 30 minutes per day on the app

As an entrepreneur, your friend list likely far exceeds the 175 average. And with only 30 minutes a day to spare, filtering irrelevant contacts becomes essential.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Regularly Unadd Snapchat Friends

Here are key reasons to keep your Snapchat tidy as a founder:

1. Eliminate Noise from Your Feed

Every moment is precious when building a company. The last thing you need is a cluttered Stories feed showing pointless Snaps from outdated connections. Pruning old contacts declutters your feed so you can efficiently catch Stories from key partners and influencers.

2. Protect Company Interests with Enhanced Privacy

Entrepreneurs share sensitive information related to their startup’s performance, partnerships, financials and growth strategies. Preserving privacy is thus critical. Removing old connections enhances privacy and reduces the chance of leaks from disgruntled ex-friends.

3. Nurture Meaningful Relationships

Running a startup means nurturing the handful of vital connections that mutually support your business goals. Trimming nostalgic yet unimportant friends enables more meaningful interactions with current partners to drive commercial success.

Steps to Quickly Remove Snapchat Friends

Between meetings, product launches and marketing campaigns, busy entrepreneurs rarely have time to painstakingly unadd each irrelevant friend. Here is how to remove Snapchat friends rapidly:

Unadding a Single Friend

When you need to cut ties with a specific connection:

  1. Open Friends list
  2. Long press their name
  3. Select Remove Friend
  4. Confirm removal

Batch Removing Multiple Friends

To mass remove swaths of contacts from conferences or networking events:

  1. Tap settings (gear) icon
  2. Toggle See Me in Quick Add off
  3. Tap Edit button in Friends list
  4. Select all friends to remove
  5. Tap Delete to remove them

Using Snapchat‘s Edit mode to multi-select friends for removal is perfect for entrepreneurs seeking efficiency.

Impact on the Friend You Remove

What happens from their end when you unadd them?

  • They are notified of the removal
  • Private chats remain visible to both parties
  • They can‘t view your private Stories
  • Your public content remains visible

So in summary, removing only blocks private communication channels while letting public connections persist.

As an entrepreneur with limited time to network amidst the pressures of startup chaos, I hope this guide gives you proven tips to prune your Snapchat contacts the fast way. Stay tuned for more social media advice tailored to busy founders!