How to Turn Off Shuffle on Spotify (4 Easy Steps!)

As an entrepreneur and consultant who regularly uses Spotify to stay productive, I‘ve found shuffle can sometimes do more harm than good when you‘re trying to focus. In this article, we‘ll walk through exactly how to disable shuffle on both mobile and desktop so you can finally listen uninterrupted.

Step 1: Open Your Spotify App

Whether you use iOS, Android or the desktop platform, you‘ll need to first launch your Spotify application.

  • On mobile, tap the Spotify icon on your homescreen to open the app
  • For desktop, click the Spotify shortcut on your taskbar or search bar

Once loaded, you‘ll be taken to your Spotify library.

Spotify App Loading

Over 304 million users actively use Spotify each month for streaming music, podcasts and more (Statistica, 2023)

Step 2: Start Playing Your Content

Now we can actually start playing some tunes!

When using Spotify, I love curating niche playlists that keep me energized and focused. But sometimes even my favorite playlists fail me when songs play out of order!

On both mobile and desktop, navigate to a playlist, album or other content you want to play ordered sequentially.

  • On mobile, you can browse and select content in the tabs on the bottom or use search.
  • On desktop, find playlists and albums on the left sidebar or use the top search bar.

Once you‘ve picked your poison, start playing your tunes by hitting that glorious play button!

Step 3: Access the Now Playing View

This is an important step – we need to access the Now Playing view to actually disable shuffle functionality for the content that‘s currently streaming.

  • Mobile: Tap the bar at the bottom with the song/album art.
  • Desktop: Scroll down the app window to reveal the Now Playing interface.

You should see the album art for the currently playing song, along with metadata like artist, album, etc.

Spotify Now Playing View

As an entrepreneur, music keeps me focused! But shuffle can ruin my groove.

Step 4: Locate and Disable Shuffle

Here comes the money – it‘s finally time to disable shuffle!

Scan the Now Playing interface for a green shuffle icon. It resembles two crossing arrows:

Shuffle Icon

  • On mobile, tap the green shuffle icon.
  • On desktop, click the green shuffle button.

The icon should turn gray when shuffle is switched off across the Spotify platform.

And we‘re done! By toggling off that pesky shuffle button in the Now Playing view, you can now enjoy uninterrupted, ordered playback of your chosen Spotify content while you work.

No more jarring genre shifts or disjointed song order interrupting your workflows. Just pure, sequential musical enjoyment.

Troubleshooting Issues

If you followed these steps but still can‘t disable shuffle, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Update Spotify app to most recent version
  • Reboot smartphone or desktop
  • Check internet connection stability

Spotify‘s shuffle algorithm keeps improving – but sometimes you just want control!

I hope this quick guide helps you permanently deactivate shuffle functionality across desktop and mobile. Now you can finally listen to playlists and albums as their curators intended!

Let me know if you have any other Spotify questions. Happy (unshuffled) listening!