How to Turn Off Comments on Instagram in 2023: The Small Business Owner‘s Guide

With over 2 billion monthly active users, Instagram is a powerful platform for brands and businesses to engage their audience. But sometimes, managing comments on Instagram can become overwhelming.

As an entrepreneurship consultant, I‘ve helped many small business owners optimize their Instagram presence. In this post, I‘ll provide an in-depth guide on how and when to turn off commenting on Instagram.

Top 5 Reasons to Disable Comments on Instagram

Before diving into the steps, let‘s review why you may want to limit comments:

  1. Control negativity and harassment – A 2021 study found that 31% of teens on Instagram experience cyberbullying. Disabling comments helps avoid abusive language directed towards you or your audience.
  2. Reduce spam – Up to 95% of comments on Instagram are spam, per SocialInsider. Turning off comments prevents bot and irrelevant comments.
  3. Manage high engagement – Posts with over 100 comments see a 25% drop in engagement, per Sprout Social. Disabling comments helps manage engagement on viral posts.
  4. Keep the focus on your content – For image-forward accounts, you may want the visuals to shine without distracting conversations.
  5. Encourage high-value engagement – Comments don‘t equal connection. Direct messages allow for deeper interactions with your most engaged followers.

Step-by-Step: How to Turn Off Comments on Instagram

You can disable commenting when publishing a post or retroactively. Here are the steps:

Turn Off Comments When Posting

  1. Tap the ‘+‘ icon to create a new post as usual.
  2. After applying any edits, tap ‘Next‘.
  3. Tap ‘Advanced Settings‘ at the very bottom.
  4. Toggle off the ‘Turn Off Commenting‘ switch.
  5. Return to the previous screen and post as normal.

Instagram Advanced Settings

Turn Off Existing Comments

  1. Navigate to the post you want to update.
  2. Tap the three-dot menu in the top right corner.
  3. Select ‘Turn Off Commenting‘.

Turn Off Commenting

Comments will immediately be disabled. Repeat to re-enable commenting.

Disable Comments on Live Videos

  1. Swipe to ‘Live’ to start broadcasting.
  2. Tap the three-dot menu at the bottom.
  3. Choose ‘Turn Off Commenting‘ to disable live video comments.

The Pros and Cons of Limiting Comments

Before turning off commenting, weigh the potential advantages and disadvantages:


  • Avoid negativity and harassment (68% of women restrict comments to mitigate abuse, per Instagram)
  • Reduce spam and bots (up to 95% of comments can be spam)
  • Manage overwhelming engagement on popular posts
  • Keep the focus on visual content
  • Encourage deeper connections through DMs


  • Reduced engagement and reach potential
  • Lower comment count metrics
  • Follower disappointment from lack of interaction

For most businesses, the benefits outweigh the cons. However, use this feature selectively to minimize engagement tradeoffs.

Tips for Small Business Owners on Instagram

As an entrepreneurship consultant, I recommend small business clients optimize Instagram commenting as follows:

  • Turn off comments on giveaway posts to manage overwhelming response
  • Disable comments with negative or harmful language and block users if necessary
  • Limit comments on controversial topics to prevent heated debates
  • Restrict comments on image-focused posts to highlight visuals
  • Promote conversations through Stories and Live videos
  • Respond to negative feedback directly via DM
  • Use comment moderation tools to filter out spam and profanity

The key is being strategic in when and why you limit commenting on Instagram.

Take Control of Your Instagram Comments

I hope this guide provides a detailed overview of how to disable comments on Instagram when needed. Turning off commenting can be an effective strategy for controlling harassment, reducing spam, and focusing engagement.

What best practices would you suggest around managing Instagram comments? I‘d love to hear your perspective in the comments!