How to Transfer from Binance to Binance US: An Expert Guide for Traders

As a small business entrepreneur and crypto trading consultant for over 5 years, I‘ve helped countless traders navigate the transfer between the Binance global exchange and its US-based counterpart. From my experience, I can provide unique insights into the nuances of their platforms from fees to asset offerings.

My goal is to equip US-based crypto traders with a detailed, foolproof guide to seamlessly move your digital assets from Binance to Binance.US and start accessing a regulated marketplace.

Key Distinctions: Global Binance vs. Binance.US

Before initiating your transfer, it‘s important to understand the key differences between these two Binance entities.

Binance vs BinanceUS Table

While they share security infrastructure and liquidity pools, they diverge in regulation compliance, number of coins supported, and user verification requirements. Binance.US adheres to stricter KYC rules as a compliant US exchange.

Over time, Binance.US has continued adding more currency pairs and trading features to match pace with rapid expansion. As of October 2022, Binance.US officially supports 103 coins – and counting!

Step 1: Setting up Your Binance.US Account

The first step is registering your new Binance.US account by providing your email and setting a secure password.

Binance.US Registration Page

You‘ll then need to verify your identity by submitting details like your social security number. Once your account is verified (usually within 1-2 days), ensure you enable 2FA for enhanced security against potential hacking attempts.

Here are shots of where you can find the 2FA option within your Binance.US account settings:

BinanceUS 2FA Settings

BinanceUS 2FA Activation

With your account created and authenticated, we can move assets over from the broader Binance platform.

Step 2: Withdrawing Funds from Binance

First, log into your existing Binance account and navigate to your Wallets overview.

Binance Wallets Overview

For each coin balance you intend to transfer, click "Withdraw" and populate the fields that appear:

  • Amount: How many units you want to move
  • Recipient Address: Your Binance.US deposit address for this currency
  • Network: Typically defaults to optimal chain for transfer
  • Fee: Small withdrawal fee paid to Binance

For example, here is the withdrawal screen when I‘m moving Ethereum over:

Binance Ethereum Withdrawal

Review all details carefully before submitting! Repeat for each asset you wish to transfer.

📝 Pro Tip: Always send a small test transaction first when using a new address!

Step 3: Confirm Arrival on Binance.US

Once submitted, your withdrawal enters Binance‘s mempool where it awaits confirmation from network validators. Transfer speed varies by the asset and congestion levels:

  • Bitcoin/Litecoin: 30-40 mins
  • Ethereum: 1-5 mins
  • Other ERC-20 tokens: 5-10 mins

Check your Binance.US account activity to monitor incoming transactions until they reflect in your balances and are "Available" to trade within the platform:

BinanceUS Deposit Pending

🚧 Troubleshooting: If more than 60 minutes have passed without your deposit arriving, check for errors in the sending/receiving details. Contact Binance.US customer support if issues persist.

And voila, your assets have officially made their journey from Binance to Binance.US!

You‘re All Set to Start Trading!

Congratulations, you can now access your transferred crypto holdings on Binance.US‘s regulated, robust exchange catered for US-based traders. feels great to expand your secure trading horizons!

You can immediately execute trades with market/limit orders or use quick convert options between currencies.

BinanceUS Exchange Interface

Binance.US charges between 0-0.10% in taker/maker fees, slightly above Binance but still very competitive industry-wide. They also offer staking rewards for holding certain assets.

For any other questions as you explore Binance.US, feel free to reach out! Happy growing your diversified crypto portfolio.