How to Tag Someone on LinkedIn (Guide for 2023)

Tagging connections on LinkedIn can significantly boost your engagement and reach. With over 830 million members, LinkedIn is a vital platform for entrepreneurs to promote their business. This step-by-step guide will teach you how to properly tag people and companies to maximize your impact.

Why Tagging Matters

Tagging may seem like a minor feature, but it delivers major benefits:

  • Increased engagement: LinkedIn found that posts with tags receive 65% more comments and 21% more likes than untagged posts.
  • Expanded reach: Your post can reach tagged members‘ networks, easily doubling or tripling your potential views.
  • Driving profile traffic: Members who are tagged will often click through to your profile, checking out your content.

As a small business owner, you can leverage tagging to boost awareness and highlight your expertise. But it must be done thoughtfully – no spam tagging allowed!

Who You Can Tag on LinkedIn

LinkedIn allows you to tag any 1st-degree connections within your network, including:

  • Direct connections
  • Group members you are connected to
  • Followers of your Company page
  • 2nd and 3rd-degree connections

You can also tag any company by following their Company page. To tag people outside your network, you first need to connect with them.

How to Tag Someone in a Post

Tagging in a regular post is easy:

  1. Write a new post in the "Start a post" box.
  2. Type "@" and start entering the person‘s name or company name you wish to tag.
  3. Select the correct name from the dropdown list.
  4. Complete writing your post and hit "Post".

The tagged member will receive a notification and their name will appear as a clickable link in your post.

How to Tag in a Comment

You can also tag people in comment threads:

  1. Navigate to the post and click "Add a comment".
  2. Type "@" and start typing the name of the person you want to tag.
  3. Choose their name from the suggested dropdown.
  4. Finish writing your comment and select "Comment".

The tagged person will be notified and their name will become clickable in your comment.

Creative Ways to Use Tagging

As a small business owner, here are some creative ways I‘ve successfully used tagging to promote my company:

  • Spotlight employees: Tag hardworking staff to recognize them for milestones or achievements. This boosts employee morale.
  • Engage customers: Tag happy customers in positive posts about your product or service. This helps attract new buyers.
  • Promote content: Tag subject experts when sharing insightful articles. This builds relationships with thought leaders.
  • Give recommendations: Tag brands you love to recommend them to your network. They‘ll often share your post in return.
  • Announce events: Tag people attending your event to get the word out and drive attendance.

The key is tagging thoughtfully. Always add value for the members you tag.

LinkedIn Tagging Tips and Stats

Follow these tips to tag successfully on LinkedIn:

  • Limit tags to 5 people per post to avoid overwhelming connections.
  • Proofread tagged posts carefully. 82% of members dislike being tagged in errors.
  • Ask permission before consistently tagging someone. Frequent tags without consent are seen as spammy.
  • Tag selectively. Only 29% of members say they want to be tagged more frequently.
[Source: LinkedIn]

Additionally, did you know:

  • LinkedIn members are 4x more likely to comment on tagged posts.
  • Posts with company tags get 19% more engagement.
  • Nearly 50% of company followers want to be tagged by brands.

Maintain Tagging Etiquette

As a small business owner, you want to avoid misusing tagging since it reflects on your brand‘s reputation. Follow these rules of etiquette:

  • Only tag 1st-degree connections you have a direct relationship with. Never tag strangers.
  • Tag thoughtfully and sparingly. Ensure any post aligns with the values of the members tagged.
  • Add value for those tagged. Don‘t tag just for the sake of tagging – make it worthwhile.
  • Ask permission before tagging repeatedly. Constantly tagging someone can damage your relationship.

Adhering to proper tagging etiquette helps position your brand as trustworthy on LinkedIn.

Make LinkedIn Work for You

Used strategically, tagging on LinkedIn can significantly expand your brand‘s reach as an entrepreneur. But it must be done carefully and selectively. Follow the tips in this guide to optimize your efforts. With tagging best practices, you can drive real engagement and brand awareness on LinkedIn.