How to Strategically Tag Companies on LinkedIn in 2024 to Boost Engagement

As a small business owner trying to expand your reach on LinkedIn in 2024, tagging companies in your content can be an impactful strategy – but only if done thoughtfully. With algorithm changes de-prioritizing spammy posts and heightened competition on the platform, you need an expert approach to stand out and drive real engagement.

Why Thoughtful Tagging Matters Now

Tagging companies has always helped increase content visibility. But in 2024, simple tags aren‘t enough – you need relevant, value-adding tags to connect with your audience. Here‘s why:

  • LinkedIn‘s 2021 algorithm update penalizes irrelevant tagging – Posts with haphazard tags now appear lower in followers‘ feeds.
  • Competition for attention is high – With over 310 million members, standing out on LinkedIn requires more than just tags.
  • Engagement is the new metric for reach – Your goal is not just views, but meaningful comments and shares. This requires quality tagging.

As a small business owner myself, I‘ve learned these lessons firsthand. Tagging without strategy rarely moves the needle. But thoughtful, selective tagging paired with strong content boosts engagement exponentially.

How to Tag Companies in Your Posts and Comments

The process of tagging companies itself is straightforward:

In a Post

  1. Click "Start a post" and begin writing.
  2. Type "@" followed by the company name you want to tag.
  3. Select the correct company from the dropdown.
  4. Finish writing your post, keeping tags relevant.
  5. Proofread then publish.

In a Comment

  1. Navigate to the post and click "Comment".
  2. Type "@" followed by the company name you want to tag.
  3. Choose the right company from the dropdown.
  4. Finish your comment, relating it to the post.
  5. Proofread then post your comment.

But how you choose companies to tag makes all the difference…

Strategic Tagging Tips for Maximum Impact

As you write your post or comment, follow these tips to take your tagging to the next level:

  • Tag only highly relevant companies – Irrelevant tags are penalized. Do research to identify companies truly aligned to your content.
  • Limit tags to 1-2 companies per post – Avoid tag spamming. Tag thoughtfully, not randomly.
  • Personalize messages to stand out – Generic messages get lost. Tailor your content to each company with details on why their work matters.
  • Connect with thought leaders – Tag well-known professionals in your industry to get on their radar.
  • Use hashtags too – Hashtags help people outside your network find your content.
  • Tag only companies you‘re connected to – LinkedIn limits tags between connections. Connect first.
  • Craft content around tags – Don‘t just tag companies – write posts optimized for them.

Tagging Results: What the Data Shows

Relevant data proves that strategic tagging works:

  • Posts with 1-2 tags see 21% more engagement than untagged posts, according to HubSpot.
  • Thoughtful messaging leads to 53% higher response rates from tagged companies, Robly research shows.
  • Tagging industry thought leaders boosts post reach by 16%, per TrackMaven.
Type of Tagging Expected Engagement Increase
1-2 relevant tags 21%
Personalized messaging 53%
Thought leader tags 16%

The numbers speak for themselves – tagging judiciously pays off.

Real Results from Thoughtful Tagging

As a boutique social media consultant, tagging strategically has grown my business‘ network and credibility.

By taking the time to craft tagged posts tailored to mega-agencies in my field, I‘ve landed key partnerships, collaborations, and referrals. The connections made through quality tagging have expanded my client base and revenue.

But it‘s not just about money – thoughtful tagging has enabled me to build relationships with mentors and establish my voice in the industry.

The poignant responses, feedback, and conversations generated through my strategically tagged posts motivates me to continue perfecting this skill.

Key Takeaways for Success

Tagging on LinkedIn is only effective when done thoughtfully. To see real results from your efforts in 2024, remember:

  • Tag sparingly, and only highly relevant companies after research.
  • Personalize content for each tagged company to stand out.
  • Use quality tags to boost engagement, not just reach.
  • Connect with company profiles first before tagging them.
  • Monitor results and optimize your strategy over time.

Most importantly, focus on providing value to your audience through your posts – the tags should support strong content, not replace it.

With a strategic approach, tagging companies on LinkedIn this year can significantly expand your brand‘s reach and recognition.