A Small Business Guide to Mastering Facebook Business Tags

As a consultant dedicated to helping entrepreneurs boost their online presence, I always encourage small business owners to take full advantage of Facebook‘s business tagging feature.

Properly tagging your business on Facebook can be transformative for reaching more potential customers. But many owners don‘t realize the full potential or best practices for tagging their business effectively.

In this comprehensive guide tailored specifically for small business owners, we‘ll cover everything you need to know about tagging your company on Facebook:

Why Tagging Your Small Business is Crucial

Tagging allows you to increase visibility beyond just your current Page followers. According to Sprout Social, posts with tags see 3x more engagement on average.

Whenever you tag your Facebook business Page in content:

  • Your content shows up on your followers‘ News Feeds — allowing you to reach all of your current audience with whatever post you tag your Page in.
  • It also appears on the tagged Page’s Feed — helping you get your content, specials, or campaigns in front of a whole new audience.
  • You expand your potential reach — by exposing your posts to all of the followers from any other Pages you tag in the content as well.
  • It helps associates or partners co-market — any other business you collaborate can easily tag your Page to co-promote campaigns or events.

So by tagging your small business strategically, you can expand your audience and establish valuable connections with partners in your space.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Tagging Your Biz on FB

Facebook Business Page Tagging Tutorial

You can tag your business Page on Facebook in just about any type of post. Let‘s walk through exactly how to tag your business on some of the most common content types.

Tagging in Regular Posts

  1. When writing a regular text-based status update, type "@" followed by your Page name.
  2. Click on the name when your Page appears in the list.
  3. Finish writing your update and hit "Share" to post it with your business tagged.

Tagging in Photo Posts

  1. After selecting your photo(s) for a new post, click on the image to add a caption.
  2. Type "@" followed by your Page name and select it from the suggestions.
  3. Add any other text or emojis and hit "Post" when ready to publish.

Tagging in Video Posts

  1. With your video added to a new post, click on "Add Description" below the video thumbnail.
  2. Type "@" followed by your Page name and select it.
  3. Add a caption to supplement the video itself.
  4. Post it with your business tagged for greater visibility.

Tagging in Comments

  1. Navigate to any post or existing comment thread you want to tag your business in.
  2. Type "@" followed by your Page name and select it from the list.
  3. Add your comment text.
  4. Post your comment with your business tagged.

See how quick and easy it is? Now that you know how to tag your business on Facebook, let‘s talk about best practices.

Expert Tips to Tag Your Biz Like a Pro

As a small business owner myself for over 8 years, I‘ve tested different Facebook business tagging strategies. Based on my experience, here are 5 pro tips when it comes to tagging your own company:

🔸 Add Value for Fans – Don‘t spam tag yourself just for exposure. Make sure posts that tag your Page provide discounts, useful info, entertainment or other true value.

🔸 Tag Relevant Partners – Strategically tag partners, suppliers, influencers or other brands that would value the exposure to each other‘s audiences.

🔸 Respond to Any Mentions – If customers tag you asking questions or seeking support, always respond promptly and appropriately.

🔸 Measure Performance – Use Facebook Insights to gauge which types of tagged posts perform best in terms of driving actions like website clicks.

🔸 Refine Your Approach – Based on insights, double down on what converts by fine-tuning content formats, copy, etc. Constantly optimize!

Now that you‘re armed with insider tips and step-by-step instructions for Facebook business tagging, you‘re ready to maximize your reach and connect with more potential customers online.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to help fellow small business owners succeed with their Facebook marketing efforts.