How to Stream Your Nintendo Switch on Discord in 2024 (7 Easy Steps)

Discord has become the top gathering place for gamers looking to connect. Over 150 million monthly active users have flocked to the voice, video and text chat app. With Discord‘s screen sharing capabilities, it‘s easier than ever to stream your Nintendo Switch gameplay for all your friends to watch.

Follow this 7-step guide to seamlessly stream your Switch to Discord. Soon you‘ll be showcasing your Zelda skills and kart racing prowess to audiences bigger than ever before.

Step 1: Get the Right Hardware

To display your Switch gameplay from Discord, you‘ll need:

  • Nintendo Switch or Switch OLED
  • PC or laptop
  • Capture card like the Elgato Game Capture HD60 S+ (~$180)
  • HDMI cable
  • Stable internet connection

The capture card plugs into your PC to capture the Switch‘s video output and audio. An HDMI cable then feeds this signal to streaming software like OBS or Streamlabs for broadcasting to Discord.

Step 2: Connect Cables to Capture Card

Plug your HDMI cable from the Switch dock into the "IN" port on the capture card. Use a second HDMI cable to go from the capture card‘s "OUT" port to your PC monitor‘s HDMI port.

This passes the Switch video feed into the capture software on your computer while still displaying on the TV/monitor.

Step 3: Install Capture Card Software

Install the capture card‘s accompanying software. For example, with an Elgato Game Capture HD60 S+, you would install their 4K Capture Utility.

Open the software and ensure it detects input from the Switch‘s HDMI feed. Select optimal output settings like 1080p and 60fps.

Step 4: Set Up OBS Studio

OBS Studio is free, open source software perfect for Discord streaming. Add your capture card feed as a "Video Capture Device" source in OBS.

In the OBS video settings, downscale the output resolution to 1280×720 for an optimal balance between quality and bandwidth. Set fps to 30.

Step 5: Start Your Discord Voice Channel

On a phone, tablet, or PC, open the Discord app. Join or create a voice channel that your friends or viewers can join.

Activate screen share mode by clicking the "Go Live" button in the channel and selecting the capture card feed.

Step 6: Begin Streaming

In OBS, click Start Streaming. You‘ll instantly be live on Discord! Make sure speaker output is enabled in Discord so viewers hear game audio.

Interact with your viewers in the voice channel as you play. Commentary makes streams 300% more fun for everyone!

Step 7: Optimize Quality

Discord allows up to 1080p quality, but a 720p stream prevents lag or buffering issues. In OBS, Experiment with settings to find the right balance for your connection.

Wired internet boosts speeds for smooth footage. Positioning a webcam capture lets viewers see your reactions too!

With these steps, streaming engaging Switch gameplay is highly accessible. Share the experience with more friends for more fun!