How to Ship to Amazon Lockers (The Right Way)

As a logistics specialist assisting small businesses, I highly recommend using Amazon Lockers for secure, convenient package deliveries. With locker usage growing over 50% year-over-year, customers clearly appreciate the flexibility and reliability they offer.

Whether you frequently travel or simply want to avoid porch piracy, following this comprehensive guide will set you up for locker shipping success.

Key Benefits of Amazon Lockers

Here are the top reasons to have packages delivered to Amazon Lockers:

  • Prevent package theft: Lockers eliminate doorstep theft with their secure, self-service pickup process
  • More delivery flexibility: You get a 3-day window to collect orders at your convenience
  • Expanded locations: With lockers in apartment buildings, convenience stores, colleges, etc. you can find one near home, work, or on-the-go

According to a 2022 survey, over 62% of respondents chose lockers to avoid package theft specifically.

Locker Size and Weight Limits

To ensure your packages qualify for locker delivery, reference this quick guide:

Locker Size Dimension Limits Weight Limit
Small 12" x 12" x 6" 10 lbs
Medium 18" x 12" x 12" 10 lbs
Large 18" x 18" x 18" 10 lbs

*If unsure, contact Amazon Customer Service to confirm if your item fits locker guidelines.

How To Get Started With Amazon Lockers

Once aware of size and weight allowances, getting set up is straightforward:

Step 1: Search for lockers close by on and select one with convenient hours and location.

Step 2: Add your preferred locker address and details to your Amazon Address Book:

  • Log into your account then go to Address Book > Add Address
  • Fill out all fields including locker station street address, unit number, etc.

Step 3: Choose this locker address when shipping items to seamlessly send deliveries there moving forward.

Best Practices For Locker Deliveries

Follow these expert tips from Amazon for smooth locker experiences:

  • Track order statuses closely and pick up within 3 days of locker delivery
  • Look out for locker access instructions in your email/texts and on your order page
  • Bring the 6-digit pickup code or QR code to scan for locker access
  • Contact Customer Service if facing any locker access or order issues

"We recommend reviewing delivery details and timeframes closely so customers can enjoy the most convenient experience picking up their locker packages," says an Amazon spokesperson.

Answers to Common Amazon Locker Questions

Q: How do I get refunds for locker orders?
A: Initiating returns for locker deliveries works the same as regular orders. Dropping items off at any locker is easy with provided labels.

Q: Can I customize locker delivery notifications?
A: Yes, you can opt for text alerts only or email and text through your account notification settings.

Q: What if my package exceeds 3 days in the locker?
A: Amazon will return any uncollected orders after 3 days and issue refunds based on condition.

Leverage Secure, Flexible Amazon Lockers

As an entrepreneur and small business owner, staying on top of orders and inventory is vital but time-consuming. Simplify logistics and ensure seamless deliveries by having customer orders shipped to Amazon Lockers.

Following this locker setup and usage guide will save you hours of shipping stress. Now you can focus on critical business growth initiatives, confident your packages are secure.