How to Ethically Share YouTube Videos on Instagram Stories: The Small Business Guide

As a small business owner trying to grow your reach, you know the power of social media. Platforms like YouTube and Instagram offer unparalleled opportunities to engage with customers. In fact, over 500 million people use Instagram Stories every day.

So could sharing your high-quality YouTube videos as Instagram Stories help boost your growth? Absolutely. Repurposing content across multiple platforms is a proven social media tactic.

However, Instagram doesn‘t allow direct YouTube video uploads. And simply downloading and reposting YouTube videos without permission raises legal issues regarding copyright and fair use.

So as a passionate entrepreneur dedicated to helping small business owners ethically expand their digital presence, I‘ve created this comprehensive guide on legally sharing YouTube videos on Instagram Stories.

Why Repurpose YouTube Videos for Instagram

Beyond reaching more people, here are 5 compelling benefits of repurposing YouTube videos for Instagram Stories:

  • Increase engagement: Instagram users are 20x more likely to watch a video on Instagram than Facebook. Your videos can perform better as Stories vs regular posts.
  • Grow brand awareness: 60% of businesses today leverage YouTube for brand awareness campaigns. Extend their impact with Instagram.
  • Boost conversions: Lead capture and sales lift is easy to integrate in ephemeral, full screen Instagram Stories through links/CTAs.
  • Gain followers: Over 50% of Instagram users say they discover new products on the platform. Fresh content attracts new followers.
  • Save time: Repurposing content instead of creating from scratch makes efficient use of your limited time as a small business owner.

But again – how do you legally reuse your high-quality YouTube videos on Instagram to enjoy the above benefits?

Method #1: Embed YouTube Links

The easiest, most ethical way to repurpose YouTube videos for Instagram Stories is by embedding direct YouTube links using the link sticker:

  1. Copy the YouTube video URL you want to share
  2. Open Instagram Stories and add the YouTube link with the link sticker tool
  3. Customize the sticker with compelling text like "Watch Video"
  4. Resize/reposition the sticker without obstructing video playback

This technique keeps users on Instagram while sending them to the original YouTube video for playback. The content creator receives full credit and visibility.

Pro tip: Tag the YouTube channel to make finding more of their content easier for your audience.

Method #2: Legally Download and Repost

You may also legally download and reupload YouTube videos, but you must get explicit permission from content creators first.

There are two ways to go about this:

  1. Reach out to the creator directly: This is the best approach. Email the creators, explain why you want to repurpose their content on Instagram, and request their consent.
  2. Check video descriptions for permission: Sometimes creators give blanket permission to reuse their videos in descriptions. Check carefully before reposting.

Once you have unambiguous consent:

  • Download the YouTube video using a tool like YTMP3
  • Trim/optimize for Instagram
  • Credit creators prominently
  • Post natively within Instagram Stories

This helps creators gain wider exposure while giving you relevant, engaging content to share. It‘s a win-win.

Method #3: Legally Screen Record YouTube Videos

If downloading isn‘t feasible but you still want to repurpose a YouTube video for Instagram Stories, screen recording is another ethical option.

Here‘s a simple 4-step process:

  1. Play the YouTube video on your phone
  2. Use your device‘s built-in screen recorder to capture the playback
  3. Trim and edit the screen recording if needed
  4. Post directly to Instagram Stories like a normal video

Again, this should only be done with the creator‘s consent. And you must give the creator prominent credit via mentions/tags since YouTube analytics don‘t track views this way.

In Closing

The key to succeeding with a legitimate social media strategy as a small business owner is adding value at every step. Stealing content instead of producing your own or seeking creator permission violates this principle.

But properly repurposing great YouTube videos with consent allows you to ethically capitalize on content people already love. Done correctly, it‘s mutually beneficial.

I hope this guide gave you ideas for legally leveraging YouTube videos to drive Instagram growth. Feel free to reach out if you need any personalized advice – I‘m always happy to help fellow entrepreneurs!