How to Start and Run a Profitable eBay Shoe Resale Business

As an experienced eBay entrepreneur, I have built a successful business reselling shoes. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll share essential tips on sourcing inventory, maximizing profits, automating operations, and consistently delighting customers with 5-star service.

Step 1: Smart Sourcing – Find Shoes That Sell

Choosing which shoe styles and brands to invest in is the foundation of profitability. You must keenly understand eBay shoe market demand.

The most in-demand shoes on eBay include:

  • Air Jordans – Especially classic retros like AJ1s, AJ3s and collabs
  • Adidas Yeezys – Particularly 350 v2s along with newer releases
  • Nike Dunks – Both SB and retro models see massive demand
  • Designer shoes – Gucci, Valentino, Louboutin, for example

I have an ever-evolving sourcing strategy based on market trends. For example, 90s-vintage Nikes have soared recently while ultra boost hype has softened. I adjust my sourcing accordingly.

Where To Source Inventory

  • Check eBay daily for underpriced shoes worth reselling
  • Sign up for shoe retailer newsletters/alerts for access to launches
  • Leverage apps like Tradeblock to score shoes directly from other collectors
  • Build relationships with consignment stores for inventory access

Step 2: Scale Your Operations Like a Pro

Once you begin regularly sourcing shoes for resale, it‘s crucial to implement systems and tools to scale efficiently.

Inventory management is especially vital for keeping track of your moving parts – different shoe models, sizes, purchase dates and costs. I recommend using an app like QuickBooks or SellerEngine for centralized inventory oversight.

Meanwhile, shipping automation is a must, as shoe boxes are bulky. I use ShipStation to quickly print eBay and UPS labels, speeding up my workflow.

There are also great apps for accounting, sales analytics, customer outreach and more. Feel free to email me if you ever want my full tech stack!

Step 3: Maximize Profits With Retail-Style Pricing

To optimize resale margins, adopt retail pricing strategies:

  • Set prices high at first release to capture hype sales
  • Gradually mark down if shoes don‘t immediately sell
  • Discount 20-50% for holiday promos or sales
  • Bundle shoes into packs for higher perceived value

You can also boost profits by keeping shipping and seller fees low. Offer free shipping to increase bids, and utilize eBay subscription discounts if you are a high-volume seller.

Step 4: Deliver 5-Star Service

eBay buyers demand outstanding service for shoe purchases, which are often expensive. Here is how I keep my customers delighted:

Quick shipping – I ship shoes next business day with tracking info sent directly to buyers.

Secure packaging – Each shoe box is wrapped in bubble wrap then packaged snugly inside a sturdy shipping box filled with air pillows.

Proactive communication – If any order or shipping issues arise, I immediately notify customers and provide resolution options.

Easy returns – I offer 30 day free returns/refunds and provide prepaid return labels for zero hassle.

This combination of rapid fulfillment, proactive updates and flexible policies results in extremely positive buyer experiences and strong word of mouth promotion.

By implementing this eBay shoe selling blueprint – smart sourcing, operational scale and top-tier service – reselling shoes can become a highly prosperous endeavor. Please don‘t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions!