How to See More Friends‘ Posts on Facebook: An Entrepreneur‘s Guide

As a small business owner, I rely on Facebook to engage with my target audience and nurture leads. But with over 1.95 billion monthly active users, it can be impossible to keep up with all the content from friends getting buried.

According to HubSpot, the average Facebook user has 155 friends. With so many connections, you could easily miss important life updates and conversations.

This entrepreneur‘s guide will teach you how to take control of your News Feed. I‘ll share tips, tools, and insider techniques to help you see more posts from friends on Facebook.

Adjust Your Facebook Feed Preferences

Facebook allows you to customize your News Feed according to your preferences. You can prioritize updates from certain connections over others.

To optimize your feed:

  1. Click the News Feed link on the left sidebar or home page icon.
  2. Select the 3-line Settings icon in the top right corner.

News Feed Settings

  1. Choose News Feed Preferences.
  2. Toggle preferences for friends, family, groups, pages, and relevant posts recommended by Facebook.

I recommend giving Friends top priority.

While Facebook‘s algorithm aims to show you relevant content, it doesn‘t always understand the nuances of your relationships. Prioritizing friends ensures you see posts from people you truly care about.

Pros: Lets you customize Feed based on relationships. Easy to adjust settings.

Cons: Time-consuming to evaluate all connections. Requires regular adjustments as relationships evolve.

Use the "See First" Tool

The See First tool allows you to pin your favorite friends to the top of your News Feed. Their posts will always appear above others.

To pin friends:

  1. Go to the profile of the friend you want to prioritize.
  2. Hover over Friends below their name and profile photo.
  3. Select See First from the dropdown menu.

See First dropdown menu

You can choose up to 30 friends and family members to consistently see first. I like to select my top customers, collaborators, and personal friends here.

Pros: Guarantees you see important updates. Simple to set up.

Cons: Limited to only 30 connections. Can get overwhelmed if you have 100+ close friends.

Interact with Your Friends‘ Content

Facebook‘s ranking algorithm favors posts with high engagement and interaction. Comments, reactions, and shares signal to Facebook that a post has valuable content to show your network.

As an entrepreneur, I make it a point to actively like, comment on, and share my friends‘ posts whenever I can. This nurtures relationships while ensuring their updates appear more often in my Feed.

According to social media expert Neil Patel, the more you interact with a friend‘s profile, the higher their future content will appear in your feed.

Create a Close Friends List

Facebook‘s new Close Friends feature lets you get notifications whenever your inner circle posts. Their updates appear at the top of your News Feed via a special story.

To use Close Friends:

  1. Click on Friends in the left sidebar of your profile.
  2. Select Close Friends at the top.
  3. Start typing in the names of your closest connections and add them.

This is ideal for monitoring updates from your best customers, colleagues, or personal connections on Facebook.

According to Facebook, users with more than 100 friends get about 25% of posts in their News Feed from close connections.

Organize Friends into Lists

Facebook Lists let you sort friends into groups based on your relationship. For example, you could create lists like:

  • Family
  • Close Friends
  • Acquaintances
  • Customers
  • Vendors

You can then view each list‘s feed separately. This helps cut through the noise so you only see relevant updates.

To use lists:

  1. Click on Friends in the left sidebar.
  2. Select Create List.
  3. Give your list a name and add appropriate friends.
  4. Click the list whenever you want to view that group‘s updates.

Lists give me better insight into how different groups are interacting with my brand and content. I can monitor customers closely without being distracted by personal connections sharing baby photos.

The Entrepreneur‘s Advantage

As an entrepreneur, you need to nurture real relationships on social media – not just promote products. Using tools like Lists and Close Friends helps me stay connected to my community.

I‘m able to provide more value by commenting on customers‘ life events and sharing content I know specific groups will appreciate. My business thrives when people feel seen and heard.

Facebook‘s algorithm will never fully replace real human judgment. But by using these techniques, you can ensure you always see the posts that matter most – both professionally and personally.

What methods have worked for you? Let me know in the comments!