How to See Duets on TikTok: An In-Depth Guide for Entrepreneurs in 2024

As a small business owner who leverages TikTok for marketing, I‘ve seen firsthand how utilizing the platform‘s duet feature can dramatically increase engagement and expand your brand‘s reach.

But what exactly are duets, and how do you view them on TikTok?

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll dive deep into everything entrepreneurs need to know to discover and use duets for business in 2024.

An Introduction to TikTok Duets

A duet on TikTok allows users to create a split-screen video reacting to, collaborating with, or building off of someone else‘s clip. One video plays on the right side of the screen while the user records their side of the duet on the left.

Duets have become a cornerstone of participatory culture on TikTok. They enable creators to put their own spin on dance trends, react to viral videos, participate in challenges, and more.

According to TikTok, duets generate over 3 billion daily views – signaling the feature‘s massive popularity among users.

For businesses, duets present a huge engagement and brand awareness opportunity. But first, you need to know how to find them.

Step-by-Step: How To View Duets on TikTok

Here are 5 simple methods for uncovering duets based on your preferred browsing strategy:

1. Search for user-specific duets

The most direct way to find duets is by searching for a specific user‘s username.

  • Tap the magnifying glass icon to open TikTok‘s search bar
  • Type: "duet @[username]" replacing [username] with the account you want
  • Tap search to view all videos dueted with that user

You can also find duets of sounds or songs by searching "duet [sound]" or duets around a hashtag with "duet #[hashtag]".

2. Look on a user‘s profile

If you want to check if a specific creator has any duets without searching, head to their profile.

  • Tap their profile picture or username to open their page
  • Scroll through their posted videos and look for split-screen duet layouts
  • The number of duets will also be displayed under their follower count

Example of duet numbers shown on a TikTok profile

Tap any duet video thumbnail to watch the full collaboration.

3. Discover trending duets

For finding new, popular duets, browse:

  • The Following feed for duets from accounts you follow
  • The For You page for duet videos picked for you
  • Trending sounds and hashtags to find viral duet challenges
  • The Discover tab for the latest rising duet content

Gif navigating between For You, Following, and Discover pages

Utilizing trending and recommendation feeds like the For You page is a great way to organically find entertaining duet content you wouldn‘t have searched for directly.

4. Check your own profile

If you‘ve created duets yourself, you can easily rewatch them by:

  • Going to your profile by tapping your icon
  • Scrolling through your posted videos to find your side-by-side duets

Don‘t forget to analyze their engagement to see which collaborations resonated most with your audience!

5. Review notifications

When someone duets your original TikTok, you‘ll receive a notification.

  • Tap the heart icon on the bottom toolbar
  • Scroll through notifications to find "User dueted with your video" alerts
  • Tap them to instantly watch the new duet of your content

Staying on top of notifications allows you to monitor duet engagement with your own videos in real time.

Maximizing Duets For Business Success on TikTok

Now that you know how to find duets, let‘s discuss duet best practices to boost your business‘ TikTok presence:

Collaborate with relevant creators

Look for influencers in your industry with engaged audiences who would be excited by your brand collab. Proactively reach out to creators to duet sponsored content.

Hop on viral trends

Keep an eye out for trending hashtag or dance challenges perfect for showing off your product or service. Ride the momentum of viral sounds and trends.

React to your competition

Search for duets with competitors‘ videos or ads and create engaging reactions highlighting your differentiators.

Run giveaways

Promote a duet giveaway for users to win your product by creatively dueting your video. Re-share entries to increase reach.

Behind-the-scenes content

Film duets "behind the scenes" of your company, office culture, production, etc. to give an inside look.

Troubleshooting guide

For easy duet creation, follow my troubleshooting tips below to resolve any issues.

Infographic with a visual step-by-step guide for filming TikTok duets

As a fellow small business owner on TikTok, I highly recommend taking advantage of the platform‘s duet feature. Diving into duets can significantly expand your audience and enable creative collaborations. Use this guide to uncover entertaining duets and brainstorm unique ways to showcase your brand through collaborative TikTok content.