How to Schedule a Post on Facebook in 2023 (Full Guide for Entrepreneurs!)

As a busy startup founder trying to get your business off the ground, effectively managing social media can feel impossible. You likely don‘t have a full marketing team at your disposal yet. However, you understand how vital a strategic social presence is — especially on a massively influential platform like Facebook.

The solution? Learn how to schedule Facebook posts like a pro. Scheduling may sound basic, but mastering this skill can level up your social media game more than almost anything else.

As an entrepreneurship consultant who has advised hundreds of early-stage companies, I‘ve seen firsthand how scheduling helps resource-strapped business owners save time, post more consistently, and reach more potential customers without burning out.

This comprehensive guide will teach entrepreneurs how to schedule content on Facebook using both native and third-party tools. Follow my proven playbook to start scheduling like an advanced social media manager!

Why Post Scheduling Is Essential for Entrepreneurs

Running your own business is demanding. From limited budgets to lack of experience to wearing multiple hats, entrepreneurs face constraints that make crafting a social strategy difficult.

You’re busy fulfilling orders, talking to customers, handling paperwork and putting out fires. When you finally do create content, you often post it in a rush then quickly move onto the next task.

Scheduling relieves multiple pain points by letting entrepreneurs plan posts in advance during less hectic times.

You can brainstorm caption ideas, design graphics and curate content when you have more focus. Scheduling also ensures you post consistently by releasing updates on autopilot rather than you having to remember.

According to Sprout Social, consistent posting directly correlates with higher organic reach and engagement numbers:

Sprout Social post frequency vs post reach statistics screenshot

As you can see, scheduling superpowers your social presence despite limited resources and bandwidth.

Step-By-Step: How to Schedule a Facebook Post

Ready to begin scheduling your Facebook content? Let’s dive into the step-by-step process using Meta’s native publishing tools.

On Desktop

From your Facebook Page, click "Create Post" then build your post as usual by typing a caption and adding any images, videos or links.

Next, click the downward arrow next to "Post" then select "Schedule" from the dropdown menu:

Facebook schedule post dropdown menu screenshot

In the scheduling window, select your ideal posting date and time then confirm by clicking "Schedule."

For example, you may set a post to release at 10 AM next Thursday when engagement is higher:

Facebook page schedule post time date screenshot

You‘ve now successfully scheduled your post!

On Mobile

Pull up the Facebook app and tap the "What’s on your mind?” status box. Craft your post and insert any supporting media just like normal.

When ready, tap the "Schedule" link underneath the post button:

Facebook app schedule post link screenshot

Choose your post date and time, then officially schedule it by tapping "Schedule" again in the top right:

Facebook app schedule date time screenshot

And that‘s all there is to it! Rinse and repeat to load up your Facebook queue with scheduled updates.

Now let’s get into some pro tips for taking your scheduling game to the next level…

Scheduling Pro Tips for Entrepreneurs

Carefully scheduling posts is arguably more impactful as a early-stage startup since you have less room for error.

Apply these optimizations tailored to resource-constrained business owners for superior results:

Embrace 3rd-Party Scheduling Tools

Managing social alone can become a job in itself. Third-party schedulers like Hootsuite and Buffer allow entrepreneurs to save huge amounts of time.

You can use a tool‘s browser extension to schedule posts as you casually browse the web rather than having to log in to Facebook every time. Features like bulk uploading help you schedule lots of content in advance quickly.

Many social media management platforms also provide suggested best posting times based on your audience analytics. This takes the guesswork out of optimizing your timing.

Schedule in Content Creation Blocks

We all have spurts of time between meetings or tasks. Tablets provide mobility to manage social anywhere.

Keep your scheduling app open on your tablet then use 10-15 minute windows to batch create posts or review your content calendar. Breaking up scheduling prevents you from losing focus.

Building the habit to schedule a couple posts whenever you have a spare moment adds up over the course of a week!

Use Location Tagging

Entrepreneurs with brick-and-mortars should take advantage of Facebook‘s location tagging when posting. This pins your updates to your business spot on maps:

Facebook check-in location tag screenshot

Location tagging makes your updates more discoverable and shows support for local audiences. Seventy percent of customers are more likely to use a business if it seems involved in its location.

Ask Community Questions

Pose questions in your Facebook posts to spark a conversation with your audience. This format grabs attention since it demands a response vs a generic status update.

Asking open-ended questions also generates more comments and shares as people give their input:

Facebook poll post community question screenshot

Higher engagement metrics signal that your content resonates. Facebook then shows your page to more users which grows your brand.

The best entrepreneurs recognize scheduling as a must-have skill rather than a nice-to-have. Start putting these tactics into practice to take control of your Facebook presence!

Key Takeaways: Facebook Post Scheduling for Entrepreneurs

  • Scheduling relieves common startup struggles around bandwidth, lack of experience and pushing out consistent content.
  • Knowing how to quickly schedule Facebook posts both natively and using apps is an essential tool all entrepreneurs should utilize.
  • Optimizing your timing, planning posts in blocks, geo-tagging locations and inviting community responses can help maximize your reach and results.

As an entrepreneur, your time is extremely limited yet social media is more crucial than ever before. Take back dozens of hours normally sunk into content creation and distribution.

Implement this guide’s scheduling best practices to punch above your weight class on Facebook — even if you’re running the whole show alone right now!

Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions on strategically scheduling content as a bootstrapping business owner. I’m always happy to offer specific advice tailored to unique entrepreneur situations and objectives.