How to Save Instagram Videos to Your Camera Roll in 2024: An Entrepreneur‘s Guide

As a social media consultant helping small businesses succeed, I often get asked how to save Instagram videos to make them easier to rewatch, repost, and reuse later.

With over 200 million Instagram users posting video content daily in 2024, this is becoming more important. According to Sprout Social, video is becoming the most engaging type of content on social platforms.

Saving Instagram videos ensures you can easily reuse engaging video content, share videos without requiring the Instagram app, improve accessibility, archive memories, and more.

In this updated 2023 guide, I‘ll share the latest methods entrepreneurs and small business owners can use to download Instagram videos right to your camera roll.

Why You Should Save Instagram Videos

Here are a few key reasons entrepreneurs should save Instagram videos:

  • Easier Content Repurposing: Downloading a successful Instagram video makes it simple reuse across other platforms like TikTok and YouTube. This amplifies your brand reach.
  • Share Videos Offline: Saved Instagram videos can be easily shared via text, email, etc. Great for showing colleagues who don‘t use Instagram.
  • Archive Your Brand‘s Content: Create an offline archive of Instagram videos showcasing products, brand storytelling, events and more.
  • Improved Accessibility: Blind users have difficulty accessing video embedded on Instagram. Saving video to their device improves accessibility.
  • Videos Impact Sales: According to HubSpot, 64% of customers are more likely to purchase after watching branded video content. Saving and reusing it helps drive ROI.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Download Instagram Videos

Fortunately, while Instagram doesn‘t have a built-in "Save Video" option, there are easy alternatives entrepreneurs can use.

I‘ll share updated step-by-step instructions for the top 4 techniques:

1. Use Instagram Collections

Instagram Collections lets you bookmark posts and videos for easy access later in the app:

  1. Tap the bookmark icon (📌) beneath any video to save it to your Collections
  2. Tap your profile picture → Saved to view your Collection
  3. Scroll to the saved videos section – you can now view them offline!

Tip: Create different Collections to organize different types of saved content.

2. iPhone Screen Recording Method

Thanks to built-in screen recording on iPhones, saving videos takes just a few taps:

  1. Swipe down from top right corner to open Control Center
  2. Tap the Record Screen button (⚫️⚫️)
  3. Video & audio will record. Finish when done.
  4. Open Photos app – screen recording is automatically saved!

This method can save any public Instagram video – great for competition research.

Tip: Pause screen recording when needed to record longer videos fully.

3. Download Your Uploaded Videos

To save videos you uploaded to Instagram at high quality:

  1. Go to your profile → Hamburger Menu (🍔) → Settings
  2. Tap Account → Original Posts
  3. Tap desired video → Download Video → Save Video

Downloads original quality version to your camera roll.

4. Use a Downloader App

Apps like Video Downloader for Instagram (VDI) make saving others‘ public videos easy:

  1. Copy the Instagram video URL
  2. Paste URL in VDI
  3. Tap the Download button
  4. Video saves to camera roll!

I suggest deleting the apps afterwards as many have disruptive ads.

Final Takeaways

As a busy entrepreneur, having Instagram video content at your fingertips streamlines content creation and helps drive brand growth.

Follow the simple guide above to start downloading and repurposing Instagram videos. Let me know if you have any other questions!