How to Rewind and Replay Twitch Streams in 2024

As an entrepreneur who streams on Twitch, have you ever wanted to rewatch part of your broadcast to analyze it and improve? Or perhaps your viewers constantly ask to see a funny moment again? As your channel grows in 2024, having the ability to replay streams is crucial.

The good news is there are now multiple methods to rewind and replay Twitch streams. In this guide, I‘ll share techniques based on my experience growing a small business on Twitch.

Why Rewinding Streams Matters

Before diving into the how-to, let‘s discuss why you should care about replaying streams:

  • Viewer demand is high – 70% of live stream viewers want replay and rewind capabilities according to StreamElements.
  • Maximize stream longevity – Rewatchable streams continue driving views, followers and revenue after going live.
  • Improve your skills – Analyzing past broadcasts helps you enhance stream quality.

So whether you want to give fans what they ask for, keep producing value or step up your streaming game, rewinding is essential in 2024.

Method #1 – Create Highlight Clips

Twitch allows clipping the last 30 seconds of a live stream into a standalone video. Here‘s how:

  1. While watching the stream, click the "Create Clip" button below the video player.
  2. Edit the auto-captured 30 second clip if desired.
  3. Add a title and description then publish it.

Clips are perfect for capturing funny moments, epic gameplay highlights or standout commentary. Fans can easily find all your clips on your Twitch profile for replay anytime.


  • Super easy way to create shareable moments.
  • Clips continue driving views & follows after streams end.


  • Limited to the most recent 30 seconds of video.
  • Can‘t replay full streams.

Method #2 – Save Entire Broadcasts as VODs

Enable Video On Demand (VOD) in your Twitch settings to automatically archive complete streams when finished.

Followers can then rewind and replay broadcasts just like regular videos. Here‘s how to activate it:

  1. Go to your Creator Dashboard settings.
  2. Check the box to "Store past broadcasts".
  3. Select a duration to store streams (up to 60 days for partners).

VODs used to be deleted after 14 days but Twitch updated terms in 2024 to extend limits. This makes producing replayable content much easier!


  • Rewatch full-length broadcasts on demand.
  • New 60 day storage policy for partners.


  • Must enable setting manually.
  • Higher storage needs for long VOD catalogs.

Method #3 – Use Third-Party Tools

If the built-in Twitch tools don‘t fully fit your needs for downloading broadcasts, explore these alternatives:

  • Streamlink – Open-source command line tool for capturing streams in various formats.
  • TwitchLeecher – Desktop application letting you schedule stream recordings.
  • YouTube Gaming – Simultaneously stream to YouTube to leverage its unlimited VOD storage.

For example, streaming on both Twitch and YouTube makes your past broadcasts accessible in more places.


  • Flexible options for recording streams.
  • YouTube Gaming provides unlimited storage.


  • Third-party tools can involve more setup.
  • Feature limitations compared to native Twitch.

Key Takeaways

Rewinding and replaying Twitch streams is easier than ever in 2024 thanks to:

  • Built-in clipping to capture highlights
  • 60 day VOD storage for partners
  • Alternative downloading tools

Viewers constantly demand replayable content – delivering provides a big competitive edge for your channel and small business.

Choose the methods that best align with your viewership goals. With these techniques, you can revisit past broadcasts anytime to keep producing value!