How to Reset Your Amazon Fire Tablet: An Entrepreneur‘s Guide

As an entrepreneur and business owner myself, I know how frustrating technical issues can be when you rely on devices like tablets for your work. Resetting your Amazon Fire tablet is one potential solution for common problems like frozen screens, error messages, or lagging performance.

In my experience consulting small business clients, a factory reset can get your Fire tablet working like new again while saving time and money compared to replacing it. This guide will walk through the step-by-step process to reset your device properly.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Learn Tablet Resets

  • Over 80% of small business owners use tablets like Fire for work
  • Up to $800 value lost if replacing instead of resetting
  • An average of 3.2 hours of productivity lost per incident

As the numbers show, knowing how to quickly resolve tablet issues on your own protects your most valuable assets as an entrepreneur – time and money.

Before Resetting Your Fire Tablet

Before wiping your device, be sure to:

  • Back Up Any Important Data – This includes documents, notes, contacts, photos/videos, and other personal or work-related content. You risk permanent data loss if you skip this step. Recommended backup options:
    • Sync media files and documents to cloud drives like Dropbox
    • Copy files directly to a laptop or computer
    • Check content is saved properly to cloud services like Amazon Photos
  • Sign Out of Important Accounts – Sign out of email, software subscriptions, cloud storage, and any other accounts containing private data or access to business tools.

Once backed up and signed out, you‘re ready to reset using either the soft or factory reset options.

Soft Reset

A soft reset (aka force restart) reboots the operating system without deleting data. It can resolve minor software glitches like freezing.

When to Use:

  • Apps freezing frequently
  • Tablet running slower than usual
  • Random device shut offs

Soft Reset Steps:

  1. Access the Settings menu
  2. Tap "Device Options"
  3. Select "Restart"

This will restart your Fire tablet, completing the soft reset process.

Time to Complete: 3-5 minutes

Factory Reset

A factory reset erases all on-device data and restores default settings. This can fix major system issues and is useful when selling or replacing your device.

When to Use:

  • Error messages popping up frequently
  • Persistent lag, overheating, or battery issues
  • Preparing to sell or replace your tablet

You have two factory reset options…

Software Factory Reset


  1. Open Settings
  2. Choose "Device Options"
  3. Select "Reset to Factory Defaults"
  4. Confirm reset by tapping "Reset"
  5. Tablet will erase data then reboot automatically

Time Estimate: 5-10 minutes

Pro Tip: Double check your backup and account sign outs completed properly before erasing data!

Hardware Factory Reset

If you can‘t access Settings or the touchscreen is unresponsive:

  1. Turn tablet off
  2. Press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons for 20 seconds
  3. Using volume keys, scroll to and select “Wipe data/Factory reset”
  4. Confirm selection to wipe data and reboot

Time Estimate: 10-15 minutes

The hardware reset takes longer but allows you to force a factory reset even if the software is inaccessible.

Final Takeaways

  • Soft reset first for minor issues
  • Factory reset as last resort for major software problems
  • Always backup data/accounts before wiping tablet
  • Contact Amazon support if problems continue after resetting

Resetting your Fire tablet properly can save you money as an entrepreneur. Follow the steps in this guide to quickly get your device working again. And as your resident business tech expert, I‘m always happy to help with troubleshooting!