How to Repost on Instagram in 2024: The Small Business Guide

As a social media consultant dedicated to helping small businesses succeed, I often get asked how to effectively use Instagram. One key strategy I recommend is reposting content – when done correctly, it can be amazing for driving engagement and growth.

From my experience managing accounts with followings ranging from 5k to 500k, I‘ve seen firsthand how impactful reposting can be. For example, one client who consistently reposts user-generated content sees 30% higher engagement rates on those posts.

In this article, I‘ll provide a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to reposting on Instagram specifically tailored to the needs of small business owners.

Why Reposting Matters for Small Businesses

Before we dive into the how-to, let‘s look at some key reasons you should be reposting content as a small business:

  • Increased Exposure: Reposts allow you to tap into an existing audience and get your brand seen by new people. If you repost someone with 50k engaged followers, you now have access to promote to their followers.
  • Higher Engagement Rates: Posts using reposting see 2-3x more engagement on average according to Sprout Social. User-generated content performs especially well.
  • Easy Content Generation: Creating new content daily or weekly takes massive time and effort. Reposting saves you time while keeping your grid and stories active.
  • Improved Brand Image: Reposting customer photos and positive brand mentions makes you appear more authentic and customer-centric.

Let‘s look at exactly how to tap into these benefits by correctly reposting on Instagram.

How to Repost an Instagram Post to Your Story

Post reposts to your Instagram Story is simple, quick and very effective. Here‘s how to do it:

  1. Find Post to Repost – Search relevant hashtags or competitors‘ followers and engage with potential content to repost. Always ensure the account is public.
  2. Open Post – Tap on the post you want to repost to open it fully.
  3. Tap Paper Airplane Icon – Find the paper airplane icon next to the comments and tap it.
  4. Select Repost Sticker – Tap "Add post to your Story" to add the repost sticker automatically with the original poster‘s handle.
  5. Customize Story – Add any other stickers, text, captions to your reposted story. I recommend thanking or tagging the original poster.
[Insert image showing repost steps]

Some best practices as you‘re reposting feed posts to stories:

  • Stories with repost stickers see 58% higher engagement according to Later. So don‘t forget to include it!
  • Repost user-generated content showing your products or service for the highest engagement.
  • Schedule reposts for when your audience is most active – weekends and evenings tend to perform best.

Now let‘s look at reposting Instagram Stories…

Reposting Someone Else‘s Instagram Story

Instagram currently only allows you repost someone‘s Story if:

  • They tagged you in their Story
  • They have a public account

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Open Your Story Tag Notification – When tagged, you‘ll get a DM – open it.
  2. Tap "Add This to Your Story" – This adds their original story as a sticker to your story.
  3. Customize Story – Consider also thanking them for the tag or mentioning them with the @ symbol.

I recommend setting up a system to track when others are tagging your brand in Stories, as it‘s an easy reposting opportunity you won‘t want to miss.

An important disclaimer – you can screenshot or screen record someone‘s story without a tag to repost. However, this is risky from an intellectual property standpoint without their consent.

Overall, leveraging reposting is crucial Instagram growth strategy for small businesses in 2024. But it must be done properly – I‘ll summarize the key ethics next.

Reposting Ethically: Respecting Original Creators

While reposting has many benefits, you must do it ethically by respecting original creators:

  • Ask Permission First: Always comment or DM a creator to get consent before reposting.
  • Credit Visibly: Tag and thank creators visibly in your reposted content‘s caption so your audience knows who made it.
  • Don‘t Modify Content: Avoid overly editing or changing reposted content – respect the creator‘s original vision.
  • Balance with Original Content: Your grid should feature a healthy mix of engaging original content as well to build a connection with your followers.

Do this properly, and reposting can help take your Instagram presence to the next level this year without requiring as much time creating new content from scratch every day!

Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions around strategically reposting on Instagram as a small business owner!