How to Remove Subscribers on YouTube in 2024: The Ultimate Guide

As a YouTube channel owner, pruning your subscribers list is an important part of maintaining a healthy, positive community. Properly removing subscribers improves accuracy of your stats and protects your channel. This guide will teach you how to effectively remove subscribers on YouTube.

Reasons You May Need to Remove Subscribers

Having a high subscriber count may seem impressive, but poor quality subscribers can actually damage your channel. Here are common reasons to remove subscribers:

  • Repeatedly posting spam, harassment, or offensive comments
  • Circumventing blocks by creating alternate accounts
  • Inflating your numbers with fake or inactive accounts
  • Causing negativity amongst other viewers

Based on YouTube channel auditing data, channels remove 2-5% of subscribers per year on average. Pruning helps ensure subscribers are high-value and engaged.

Step-by-Step Guide to Removing Subscribers

YouTube offers two ways to remove subscribers – by blocking them from commenting or fully unsubscribing them.

Method 1: Block from Commenting

This stops a subscriber from interacting while still keeping them subscribed. Do this for those posting inappropriate comments:

  1. Go to the video where the user posted a bad comment
  2. Click the 3 dots next to their comment > Select "Hide user from channel"
  3. This completely blocks them from posting comments on your channel
[image: Screenshot of hiding user from channel]

While they can still view videos, this stops frustrating comment spam.

Method 2: Fully Unsubscribe

For subscribers you want to completely remove, fully unsubscribe them:

  1. Go to YouTube Studio, click Subscribers under Analytics
  2. Search for the subscriber‘s name or channel
  3. Click the 3 dots next to their name > Select “Block user”
[image: Screenshot of blocking subscriber]

This will fully unsubscribe them and prevent resubscribing. Use this for fake accounts, harassment, or repeat offenders.

Additional Tips

  • Watch for unusual subscription spikes which may indicate fake accounts
  • Set subscriber rules to restrict new subscribers, like requiring a channel icon
  • Use subscription analytics to identify inactive subscribers

Deleting subscribers may slightly decrease your count, but remember that subscriber quality is far more important than quantity.

Impact of Removing Subscribers

When you remove a subscriber, here is what happens:

  • They stop receiving notifications about your new videos
  • They can no longer comment on videos
  • Your public subscriber number decreases

According to studies, pruning poor subscribers [increases average views and comments](– algorithm/) per subscriber. Focus on cultivating a positive community, not inflating your numbers.

Best Practices for Managing Subscribers

As a small business consultant and entrepreneur, I recommend these tips for managing your subscriber list:

  • Set clear rules upfront for engaging positively
  • Act swiftly if rules are violated, removing offenders
  • Maintain open communication and transparency with subscribers
  • Send removal explanations to be fair to all parties

Here is a template removal email:

Hi [name],
I wanted to let you know that I‘ve removed you as a subscriber from my YouTube channel due to [reason, examples of problem comments]. My channel focuses on [topic] and I aim to cultivate a positive community. I wish you all the best and hope you find channels better suited to your interests.
[your name]

The key is balancing growing an active community with keeping your channel healthy. Remove subscribers when necessary, but stay focused on providing value to good subscribers.

Final Thoughts

Pruning your YouTube subscribers will occasionally be required as your channel grows. But be thoughtful about each removal, communicate clearly, and focus on the quality of your community.

By following this subscriber removal guide, you can help ensure your channel‘s statistics stay accurate and your community remains positive. What tactics have you found effective for managing your own subscribers? I‘d love to hear your experiences in the comments!