How to Remove Your Business Instagram Account in 2024 (An Expert Guide)

Instagram is one of the top social media platforms for businesses marketing themselves and connecting with customers. But there are also valid reasons a company may want to delete their Instagram account. As an entrepreneurship consultant who has helped start, grow, and pivot many small businesses, I‘ve seen both the pros and cons of maintaining an Instagram presence.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll provide tips and best practices for fully removing a business Instagram account if you decide it‘s the right strategic move.

When Should a Business Delete Instagram?

Recent surveys show 70% of businesses now use Instagram as part of their social media marketing. And over 200 million users visit a business profile daily. So deleting your business Instagram account should not be taken lightly.

However, there are some scenarios where removal makes sense:

  • Your business is pivoting into a new market where Instagram isn‘t effective.
  • Most of your audience has moved to other platforms like TikTok or LinkedIn.
  • Maintaining your Instagram has become overly time-consuming for your team.
  • You have security concerns over user data being accessed.
  • Your account was hacked and compromised.
  • Harassment and bullying are occurring without adequate resolution.
  • Your content direction no longer aligns with Instagram‘s terms of service.

As a consultant, I recommend first exploring ways to revamp your Instagram approach, as an established account has significant value. But if deletion is the best path, proper planning can help minimize the impact.

How to Delete a Business Instagram Account

When you‘re ready to remove your business Instagram account, follow these steps:

Download Your Instagram Data Archive

Before deleting, download your Instagram data archive which contains your photos, videos, messages, and other key account info. This preserves an important business record.

Go to your profile, click the hamburger menu, select Settings > Security > Download Data. Request your archive and Instagram will email you a link when it‘s ready to download (usually within 48 hours).

Remove Key Account Information

Delete or edit any sensitive info like linked payment accounts, contact addresses, and other confidential data.

Also remove all highlights and stories, as these will still be visible on your profile until account deletion is finalized.

Export Your Followers List

Your main asset on Instagram is your audience. So export your followers list and save it in a spreadsheet or CSV. There are third-party tools that can help with this as well.

This preserves your follower data should you need it for marketing on other platforms in the future.

Redirect Followers

In your bio, add a message directing your Instagram followers to other platforms where they can continue engaging with your business. This retains some of your audience.

Replace Instagram Marketing Content

Remove any Instagram-specific marketing content from your website and other materials. For example, replace Instagram feed widgets or featured Instagram content with other updates.

Formally Announce Your Departure

Post a Story and feed post formally announcing to your followers that your business is departing Instagram on X date. Thank them for their support over the years.

Delete Your Account

Finally, when you‘re ready, follow Instagram‘s account deletion steps outlined above in this article. triple check you have fully removed the account when done.

Life After Deleting Instagram

Once your business Instagram account is gone, here are some recommendations on maintaining engagement:

  • Send a farewell email to your email subscriber list announcing your departure from Instagram.
  • Post the news and redirect followers on your LinkedIn company page.
  • Launch a TikTok account and promote it to retain younger demographics.
  • Prioritize SEO to retain organic search traffic to your website.
  • Consider small, targeted Facebook ads to recapture lost Instagram followers.
  • Analyze your metrics after account deletion to spot engagement drop-offs.

While deleting Instagram can negatively impact brand awareness and cost you followers, there are always alternative marketing strategies. So approach this transition deliberately, yet optimistically.

I hope these insider tips help ensure your business continues thriving even without an Instagram presence. As a consultant, I‘m always happy to advise companies on the pros and cons of removing social accounts. Feel free to reach out!