A Small Business Owner‘s Guide to Redeeming Amazon Gift Cards

As a consultant dedicated to helping entrepreneurs succeed, I often advise using Amazon gift cards strategically for business. Once redeemed correctly into your Amazon balance, gift cards provide owners flexible spending on eligible business items from inventory to office supplies.

In this comprehensive article, I‘ll draw upon my expertise advising over 100 small business clients to walk through the process of redeeming Amazon gift cards step-by-step. Whether you recently added gift card contributions to your startup funding or want to redeem cards received from loyalty programs, this guide shares tips tailored to business owners.

Common Small Business Uses for Amazon Gift Cards

  • Inventory & shipping supplies – buy in bulk for discounts
  • Office equipment – printers, chairs, electronics
  • Software subscriptions & web services
  • Hosting fees for websites and servers
  • Advertising and SEO services
  • Books and educational materials
  • Gifts and rewards for employees

Locating Your Amazon Gift Card Claim Code

The 16-digit claim code allows you to attach the gift card value to your Amazon account balance. Here‘s how to find it:

Physical Gift Card

Turn over the card and scratch off the silver area to reveal the code:

Pro Tip: Take a photo or document the code in case the physical card is damaged or lost.

Digital Gift Card

Open the gift card email or text message and look for the claim code:

Pro Tip: Save or print the email with the digital claim code for future reference.

Step-by-Step Guide to Redeem on Amazon

Follow these instructions to add your gift card value to Amazon:

On Desktop

  1. Visit Amazon.com and log into your account
  2. Click "Account & Lists" next to the search bar
  3. Select "Reload Your Balance" under "Payment Options"
  4. Choose "Redeem a Gift Card"
  5. Carefully enter the 16-digit claim code
  6. Verify the number matches and click "Apply to Your Balance"

Pro Tip: Triple check the claim code before submitting to avoid errors.

On Mobile App

  1. Open the latest version of the Amazon App
  2. Tap the ≡ menu icon in the upper left
  3. Choose "Accounts and Lists"
  4. Select "Amazon Gift Cards"
  5. Click "Redeem Gift Card"
  6. Accurately enter the 16-digit code
  7. Double check the number and tap “Add to Balance”

Pro Tip: Use a screenshot of the code if you have vision difficulties to avoid typos.

Getting the Most from Your Gift Card Balance

Once redeemed, your gift card balance can be used for any eligible purchase on Amazon, automatically applied at checkout. As a business owner, take advantage of this flexible spending with the following tips:

  • Buy discounted gift cards to maximize savings – use your balance to purchase other gift cards on sale from the Amazon Gift Card store.
  • Use for giveaways/contests to promote your brand and incentivize customers. Give away small denomination Amazon gift cards.
  • Save for seasonal supply purchases – if your business has cyclical busy periods, save towards big inventory orders by redeeming cards into your balance over time.
  • Pay for digital subscriptions & services – streamline monthly software service charges through your Amazon account using gift card funds.

Check Balance & Order History

Under "Reload Your Balance" you can view:

  • Gift Card Balance – remaining funds from redeemed cards
  • Gift Card Order History – details on redeemed card amounts and order dates

Monitoring this section allows you to easily track gift card contributions and redemption activity over time.

I hope this guide gives you clarity on successfully redeeming Amazon gift cards as a small business owner. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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